Miscelaneous Zodiac boogaloo

 Aries: Tatsuya 
 Taurus: Deniz 
 Gemini: Malinda 
 Cancer: Amandine 
 Leo: Merin 
 Virgo: Dahlia 
 Libra: Yuu 
 Scorpio: Maxwell 
 Saggitarius: Vivienne 
 Capricorn: Erisdar 
 Aquarius: Jade 
 Pisces: - 
 Serpentarius: Raz 

 Extended Zodiac 
 Yuu: Derse + Time = Libries, the Exectutive 
 Maxwell: Derse + Blood = Scorcen, the Uniter 
 Erisdar: Prospit + Void = Caprittanius, the Brazen
 Amandine: Prospit + Space = Cango, the Opus

A little robot ~

Name - Faramitara
Doll Sculpt - Doll Chateau Faramita
Eyes - Mechanic Eyes, they change color
Nicknames - Suki, Sucker, Vacuum
Age - Version 2.3
Origin - Merin's Lab.
Species - Robot
Quirks & features - Vacuums water and dust like a Roomba, dispenses pet food, wifi router, emergency light, wireless music player, ambient climatizer, thermometer, smart camera, a radar with indentifier of faces and genetic signatures, instantaneous health check, and security alarm.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Yuu hired Merin to build a robot to help with some things in the house, she used the design of an old imaginary friend of hers.

Meet Amandine!

Name - Amandine Chell Jolie

Doll Sculpt - Unoa Sist/Lusis Head with Doll Chateau Y-body-05

Hair/Eyes - Black Split Teal/Teal and Orange

Nicknames - Amanda, Dine

Age - 23

Origin - Noreply

Species - Demon

Gender - Female

Sexuality - Demi

Quirks & features - Make magical unbreakable deals, teleportation, flight. Occult powers such as predicting the future, small illusions, and an alluring singing voice.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Doll Sculpt Name – Unoa Lusis and Sist, Doll Chateau Y-body-05

Full Name – Amandine Chell Jolie

Meaning of Name – Much loved, Pretty

Nickname – Amanda, Dine, Jooj

Birth Date – 01.07.1991

Astrological Sign and Details – Cancer: Helpful, Compassionate, Patient | Hypersensitive,

Suspicious, Insecure

Birth Place – Katsuki, Noreply

Age – 23

Nationality – Mardira Bincusa, the valley lands of Noreply.

Race – Demon

Hair Color – Black and Teal

Hair Style – Straight and Long (reaches her elbows),V cut bangs, and split color

Shape and Features of Face – Small chin, big smile, round relaxed eyes and round small nose.

Glasses or Contacts – She uses Glasses just for fashion. Doesn't like contacts.

Eye Color – Right eye is teal, left eye is orange

Skin Tone – Peachy pale

Scars or Distinguishing Marks – An intricate web of lace tattoos and scars around her neck, on her chest, shoulders and back.

Disabilities – None

Build or Body Type – Tiny and skinny, with slightly wide hips.

Height – 1,60m

Weight – 70 kg

Speech Patterns – Usually talks very calmly, with a soft tone to the voice. Upon distress she stutters and whispers, only shouting if it's to use magic or attack someone.

Gestures – Usually rests her head in her hands, often touches her hands or face when talking to people. When idle, she plays with her fingers, twirling them around.

Weakness – Sun, holy water, banishing rituals.

Special Abilities or Powers – Make magical unbreakable deals, teleportation, flight. Occult powers such as predicting the future, small illusions, and an alluring singing voice.

Best Friend – PamPam, Erisdar, Yuu and Maxwell.

Enemies – Her family

Pets – The little bull spirit, Faramitara

Favorite Toy or Game – Pacman, Yoyos, Putty, and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Schooling – Basic Noreplyan Schooling System: Basic Math, English, Portuguese and French, Ciences, Piano, Home Economy

Favorite Subject – Languages

Popular or Loner – Popular in her little circle.

Important Experiences or Events – When she learned to mix magic, potions and food.

Health Problems – Fragile Bones

Bad Habits – Chewing on her lip, venting to plants, overusing social media, too much caffeine

Good Habits – Always Hydratated, likes cooking with natural ingredients

Best Characteristic – Her nurturing and soft behavior, her tranquility, how she only uses her energy for good.

Worst Characteristic – How she can isolate herself or turn the situation into her favor if she finds difficult to talk about something.

Best Memory – When the Circus came to town, and she held the hand of the one she loved.

Worst Memory – When the Circus left the town, without her.

Proud of – Her sugar n butter cookies, telepathic spells.

Embarrassed by – Knowing way too much about her friend's intimate matters.

Driving Style – She rarely drives, but it's very careful when doing so. Would rather drive with company.

Strong Points – Her tranquility, her influence on the internet, her knowledge about plants, food and magic.

Temperament – Amandine has lots of Patience, even a bit too much with things that don't deserve her time. But once her patience is over, nothing can stop her.

Attitude – Friendly and shy, caring. But also a bit sassy and excited among her friends.

Weakness – Flirting, people that smell nice or sound nice.

Fears – Fears of being betrayed or forgotten.

Phobias – None, but is squeamish around needles.

Secrets – She wants to go back to her birthplace to see if she can find the Circus girl, she loves the boys she lives with but sometimes has mixed filing about them all, sometimes she wants to give up her life and become 100% a boudless demon.

Regrets – Not leaving her birthplace sooner.

Feels Vulnerable When – When she can't appease a fight, when she can't take care of herself.

Pet Peeves – When people leave the toilet open or with the seat up, when food goes to waste, when people don't listen to her.

Conflicts – Sometimes her peaceful nature clashes with Maxwell's booming nature. She is also conflicted about leaving behind her family, even if they were horrible to her, she still has a lingering sense of duty.

Motivation – Coming back to Noreply with her newfound family, and finally find a place where she belongs.

Short Term Goals and Hopes – She wants to reach 10k Instagram followers, and buy a new tea set.

Long Term Goals and Hopes – A small cottage in Mardira Bincusa with a huuuge garden, having a familiar.

Sexuality – She crushes easily, but she's Demiromantic/ Demisexual.

Exercise Routine – She usually just meditates or does Yoga with Yuu.

Day or Night Person – She can wake up early like it's nothing, but usually a night owl.

Introvert or Extrovert – Introvert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Pessimist.

Music – She loves Lofi, Retromix, and Vocaloid. She usually sings along to anime songs.

Books – Amandine loves webcomic and smut/fluff/angst fanfic, but she'll never admit the latter.

Foods –  She loves baked goods, fruits and herbs. Her favorite food is slated caramel fudge. Aside from this, her favorite dish is Broccoli pie.

Drinks – Tea, Juice, smoothies, usually fruit based drinks. Her favorite is berry tea with lemonade.

Animals – She loves animals and generally gets along with most of them. Some of them get scared of her because they know she's not human, others just know she's a good person anyway.

Sports – She isn't big on sports, but used to play table tennis with her siblings.

Social Issues – Amandine is usually cast aside for not being an extrovert, but she doesn't care. She can get super sad when people lie or badmouth her on her back though.

Favorite Saying – "Haste makes waste", "Bakind is love made edible"

Color – Her favorite colors are teal and orange, thought she loves a lot of the blue/green spectrum and black.

Clothing – She usually likes comfortable dresses, flowy fabrics. She also likes to try out alternative fashions, like Strega, Mori and Kei.

Jewelry – She likes chokers and sometimes, bracelets.

Websites – She has a twitter, a Instagram and a Pinterest.

TV Shows – Her favorite shows are cartoons, her absolute favorite being Steven Universe.

Movies – Her favorite movie is Moulin Rouge, but she also loves Pratical Magic.

Geatest Want – A Retro kitchen and a better garden.

Greatest Need – New shoes and some time to relax.

Actual Residence - The House Yuu, Max and Erisdar share.

Room — Her room is super comfortable with a box type queen mattress. She sleep with only a duvet, but tons of plushies. She has a reading corner and a super aesthetically organized desk.

Favorite Possession – Her cellphone and Enemy Tears case, and her Aggretsuko plushie.

Love Life – She's Erisdar's Moirail, and is Yuu's and Max's Auspicites. Sometimes her feelings for them shift a bit but she knows she loves them.

Hobbies – Mobile and Retro gaming, Steam sales, Baking, Instagram scrapbooking

Guilty Pleasure – Laughing at the troubles her friends get themselves into after she just advised them not to, being pampered by them.

Talents or Skills – She's a good singer, also very fast with her hands and has a very flexible body.

Intelligence Level – Amandine has a vast knowledge about things of her interest, and is completely oblivious to everything else.

Greatest Strength – Her willpower, her sense of identity on keepint things calm.

Greatest Weakness – How she's never sure people really love her, and how once something gets to her, it's hard to recover.

Health Problems – None.

Biggest Mistakes – How she dealt with her familiar problems, and how once she realized that place had nothing for her, she hesitated in fleeing.

Biggest Achievements – How even with her roots on the wind, she's still skilled and full of empathy.

Trivia – Her Extended Zodiac is Cango the Brazen, Space + Prospit. She was once a Pullip Doll.

Meet Zorya!

Name - Zorya Morrigan Majesta Red Heart The Third
Doll Sculpt - Pullip Lunatic Queen
Hair/Eyes - Burgrundy/Black
Nicknames - Majesty, Luna, Red Queen, Queen of Hearts.
Age - Z01L
Origin - Wonderland
Species - Wonderlandian
Gender - Female
Sexuality - There, Here and All Around.
Quirks & features - Can walk in walls and ceilings, Perfect Aim, Fantastic Riddle Solver.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Zorya is the third Red Hearts Queen to be on the throne after the unification of the Red and Hearts kingdoms and the merging of the Wonderlands and the Looking Glass territories. Her grandmother unified both places with an iron fist and rage powered commands. Everyone that doubted her, was ran over and never heard from again. Her mother reigned a much calmer age, when people were either too afraid or silently plotting. In the day Zorya received her crown, planning grand things for the kingdom she loved so much, and thinking high of her grandma as a powerful role model, the Wonderlandians and Glassiers rioted against her in her inexperience, and made her flee for her life, away from all that, wich made her come to earth. Once safe, she cried until no more tears came out, exiled by the people whom she loved, and thrown away in a world whom she knew nothing about, and would probably be as hated in here as she was in her birth place. With only a friend by her side, she set herself in this world, unsure of everything, and without love in her heart.

Meet Cimon!

Name - Cimon Whitney Finian Drystan
Doll Sculpt - Isul White Rabbit in Steampunk World
Hair/Eyes - Caramel/Pinkish
Nicknames - Cinnamon
Age - 1,2,3,4,5....
Origin - Wonderland
Species - Wonderlandian
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Maybe there but not here
Quirks & features - Super Speed, can make Rabbit Holes to teleport to other destinations in between Earth, Wonderland, and Looking Glass lands, Always late.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Always a shy boy, a noble born to serve royalty, Cimon learned his family's work, always working for the princess when her company maids weren't there. Born right after the third princess, he soon took a liking to her and became very close friends. Always with the pressure of his father on his shoulders, he fled his duties to "serve" the princess, being by her side always filled him with confidence and determination. Easily he got scolded by her dad for always being late, which made him grow distant from his family, more introverted and dull to society and other people around him. Even if timid and kept to himself, when a friend needed him, he became serious and straight-forward. The coronation day made him beam with glee for his friend, he made her hair into pretty braid buns, and went to meet watch her coronation. In his way, he met his father, who gave him a weapon and told him to do absurd things with his only friend. Cimon told him he would do it, and ran to the princess chambers, shocked to see she was already heading into her ceremony, when he reached her, people thought he rebelled against the overthowing, and went after them both. He grabbed her by the hand just after the crown was put on her head, and a knife was soon following it. They both ran for their lives as he soon realised there was no safe place for them in their homeland, he teleported the two of them to the place where he would look for Alice one day. In there, he hugged his friend, now a Queen of nothing, while she cried his heart out. Cimon knew next to nothing of this world, but he took her hand and made sure they both would live a life full of freedom from that day on.

Meet Roxanne!


Name - Roxanne Persephone Mondec
Doll Sculpt - Pullip Catwoman (Pale)
Hair/Eyes - Redhead/Black-Violet
Nicknames - Aliena, Roxy
Age - 15 Venus Years, 8 Earth Years
Origin - Venus colony #134
Species - Human Venusian
Gender - Female
Sexuality - She doesn't understand labels, but she claims to be Pansexual.
Quirks & features - Sees in the dark, can withstand extremely hot temperatures with ease, but drinks 9l of water each day. Can resist in very very polluted areas, but hates it.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Born in Venus, Roxanne is quite new to Earth. Even though coming to Earth is prohibited and very dangerous, she decided to come here and learn more about the roots of humanity and how feelings affect one's life, given that Roxy always felt the need to show her appreciattion to others in the most affectionate ways, and how she thinks a life without cherishing is absurd. Cythereans turn her down so much on how she should be much more reserved and how feelings are dangerous, she began to wonder if she really was wrong in wanting to live a life full of love. Unconformed with such thought, she decided to travel to the only place in the galaxy she knew she would find the awsers.
Barely arriving alive, she landed on a park and met a girl, who was playing with fire. Impressed by how Earth was different from Venus and how 'easier' living was, she spent a whole week stalking the girl in her trecking to a small city. The night before they reached the city, Roxy decided to reveal herself to the girl, whom was much less chocked Roxy though she would be. They both talked all night long and soon realised they could be the best of friends. She talked to her new friend, Chantico about her mission on learning about true love on earth. Her new friend's face turned sad, muttering how she was in the same journey. Roxy beamed up so much she had someone already in the same siuation as her, she hugged Chantico. The young Venusian girl could never expect her new friend and her where about to go on the wildest adventure.

Meet Chantico!

Chantico (6)
Name - Chantico
Doll Sculpt - Pullip Kuhn
Hair/Eyes - Brown/Green
Nicknames - Chan-Chan, Witchy
Age - 19
Origin - Somewhere in Europe
Species - Human Witch
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Questioning
Quirks & features - Fire powers and witchcraft, Energy draining, Love Spells, Creates fire out of thin air.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Chantico was born in a witch clan, mostly engaged in elemental magic. At a very young age she found out her gift for Fire Magic, and was well liked by her clan as a sweet and energic girl, so full of life and determination.
One time she fell in love with one of the clan's boys, an earth wizard. They spent a lot of time togheter, he inspired her to do even better things and keep studying, and she retributed his support by helping him vent and encouraging him at being himself. Her whole life was this boy, and she didn't have many friends, for they all couldn't keep up with her energy. The day arrived when Chantico decided to talk to him about her feelings and make their union official, she was bursting with happiness like she never felt before. Her sparks were shining so bright when she was walking down to the glade they used to meet. Upon arriving there, her flame snuffled out in a second. He had another girl in his arms. Tears streamed down her face as Chan-chan asked him why he was betraying her. The other girl buried her face in his chest while he said she wasn't as delicate and didn't need him around, how she was too much for anyone to bear, how he found a girl much more worth protecting because she actually needed him and wasn't so independent. His words made her tears be replaced by flames of rage and refusal. She roared his doing wasn't fair and it wasn't right before her hair grew red in flames, her green eyes turned red, her mark and flames burned pink as she charged at him. Her hands burned the love out of his body, fueling her with so much energy her whole aura shifted with red and pink flames. It took the horrorized look on the other girl's face and the empty expression of the boy to make her realise she drained the feelings out of his body. As she stormed away from that place, her flames got quieter inside her, She swore to herself no other man would fake feelings for another girl, and as she turned back to normal, she felt something calling her to far away from her homeland, and she awsered to the call, not knowing it could bring her more than she ever could want from life.