Meet Zorya!

Name - Zorya Morrigan Majesta Red Heart The Third
Doll Sculpt - Pullip Lunatic Queen
Hair/Eyes - Burgrundy/Black
Nicknames - Majesty, Luna, Red Queen, Queen of Hearts.
Age - Z01L
Origin - Wonderland
Species - Wonderlandian
Gender - Female
Sexuality - There, Here and All Around.
Quirks & features - Can walk in walls and ceilings, Perfect Aim, Fantastic Riddle Solver.

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Zorya is the third Red Hearts Queen to be on the throne after the unification of the Red and Hearts kingdoms and the merging of the Wonderlands and the Looking Glass territories. Her grandmother unified both places with an iron fist and rage powered commands. Everyone that doubted her, was ran over and never heard from again. Her mother reigned a much calmer age, when people were either too afraid or silently plotting. In the day Zorya received her crown, planning grand things for the kingdom she loved so much, and thinking high of her grandma as a powerful role model, the Wonderlandians and Glassiers rioted against her in her inexperience, and made her flee for her life, away from all that, wich made her come to earth. Once safe, she cried until no more tears came out, exiled by the people whom she loved, and thrown away in a world whom she knew nothing about, and would probably be as hated in here as she was in her birth place. With only a friend by her side, she set herself in this world, unsure of everything, and without love in her heart.

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