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Personality: Raz (WIP)

Name - Raz Astarot
Doll Sculpt - Doll Chateau Kevin
Hair/Eyes - White/Red
Nicknames - Raza, Razzle
Age - 2000
Origin - Noreply
Species - Fallen Angel (Demon)
Gender - Genderless
Sexuality - Pansexual
Quirks & features - Flight, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Casts simple blessings/curses, Portal opening.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Doll Sculpt Name – Doll Chateau Kevin

Full Name – Raz Astarot

Meaning of Name – Secret, In demonology, this is the name of a Prince of Hell, meaning "leading
one" or "the chief." He is depicted in the Dictionnaire Infernal as a nude man with dragon-likewings,
hands and feet, a second pair of feathered wings, and a crown. He is holding a serpent in one hand while riding a wolf-like beast.

Nickname – Raza, Razzle Dazzle

Birth Date – Has no 'birthdate', but came to earth on 17.01.1700

Astrological Sign and Details – Serpentarian : Instinctive, Clever, Curious | Melancholic, Critical, Self assured

Birth Place – Noreply, Katsuki Province, Highgrounds Crimson.

Age – Around 4300 earth years.

Nationality – Katsukian.

Race – Demon

Hair Color – Red

Hair Style – Dreads, usually pulled back.

Shape and Features of Face – Overly thin, strong cheeek and jawbones, straight nose, frowny lips, big eyes, always worried expression and straight eyebrows.

Glasses or Contacts – Needs none.

Eye Color – White.

Skin Tone –

Scars or Distinguishing Marks – Several tattoos across his body.

Disabilities – Allergic to several earthly plants and animals.

Build or Body Type – Slender, unhealthly thin, flexible

Height – 1,75 m

Weight – 50 kg

Speech Patterns – Speaks loudly and clearly, as if announcing something, often using words more elaborate than needed.

Gestures – Often touching himself, his clothes, his hair, his face, while speaking. Touches other's peoples shoulders to talk to them once they have a connection. Never touches objects before asking about them, often hiding arms in his cape.

Weakness – Some insects and poisonous plants, parasites.

Special Abilities or Powers –Flight, Telekinesis, Telepathy, casts simple blessings/curses, opens portals between earth and Noreply with ease.

Family and Childhood –

Mother –

Father –

Mother’s Occupation –

Father’s Occupation –

Family Finances – His family's wealth are often unbalanced, going from wealthy to poor and back really fast.

Birth Order –

Brothers –

Sisters –

Other Close Family –

Best Friend – His nowadays best friend is Dahlia. She shows him how important love is when he is down.

Other Friends – He was friends with Lorenzo before he moved away to live with Trianna.

Enemies – Not fond of Varversians, and dislikes insects with a burning hate.

Pets – Had a Dracominion to keep him company back at Noreply. It was called Fyrp.

Home Life During Childhood – Lived an okay life often being made fun of for being clumsy, what made him be self aware yet overconfident, often critiquem others. Had very few close friends, some of them left him behind as their life changed.

Town or City Name – Highergrounds Crimson

Details of Town or City – One of the Highest plateaus of the city, living really close to royalty, Raz lived in a beautiful neighborhood, filled with plants and ghosts.

What Did Their Bedroom Look Like – His room has a giant mirror screen he uses as a computer, to connect with friends, record spell experiments, and checks world wide experiment. He sleeps in a stone slab, and has a magma bucket for his Dracominion to rest. A huuuge table and bookcase with his experiments, some a little burnt.

Any Sports or Clubs – He likes flying, but is far too feeble to race.

Favorite Toy or Game – Trampolines.

Schooling – He is very skilled in magic and very independent, but he took basic knowledge pills.

Favorite Subject – Raz likes studying living things, blessings and curses.

Popular or Loner – Very Loner.

Important Experiences or Events – 

Health Problems – None, he is just weak.

Culture – He is a Katsukian, meaning he is usually creppy, but very reserved and refined.

Religion and beliefs – He bows looks up to Demétrio as a King and role model on spellcasting, and praises Skullfricai as his god.

Bad Habits – Resenting stuff and not working on it, forgetting doors and windows opened, forgetting things connected.

Good Habits – Helping people out, hardworking, Knowledge seeking, flexible.

Best Characteristic – His Instincts

Worst Characteristic – His resentfulness

Worst Memory – When Lorenzo and Trianna went away without saying good bye to him.

Best Memory – When he and his friends went dimension jumping and Avenka kissed him.

Proud of – His spellcasting skills.

Embarrassed by – How weak and forgettable he is.

Driving Style – He never really drives anything, because he often lost in thought and forgets to watch the road as he should.

Strong Points – Educated, prestative, curious.

Temperament – He only really gets angry with himself, with others he is just either way, really just sighing away people that piss him off.

Attitude – Raz is always creppily there, lurking in the shadows just tagging along people, hoping someone will aknowledge him and include him, as he forgot how to be sociable.

Weakness – Parasites, Pollution, and Fermented foods.

Fears – Is afraid of failure and afraid of being forgotten again.

Phobias – No real phobias.

Secrets – He doesn't realise he is jealous of Lorenzo for being a lowgrounder and have ascended into royalty, and he really misses Avenka, but doesn't know how to go back to her.

Regrets – Being aimless and stuck in life, falling behind in his social network.

Feels Vulnerable When – On Earth, near insects.

Pet Peeves – He hates people that pull his wings or hair.

Conflicts – Raz wants to move on with his life, but is too deep on his own misery to do so.

Motivation – Finding his motivation in life.

Short Term Goals and Hopes – Traveling every single country on earth, learning about earthly art.

Long Term Goals and Hopes – Becoming a royal warlock.

Sexuality – He doesn't really chose people based on gender, hence, he is pansexual.

Exercise Routine – He goes for a flying course in the Arena tower every three or so days.

Day or Night Person – He barely needs a few hours of sleep, but he does so by midday.

Introvert or Extrovert – Introvert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Pessimist

Music – He likes instrumental music, opera and Darkwave. Hoves the sounds of clarinet and bass.

Books – Raz read many earthly books, nowadays he mixes many of the histories, but he really liked Romeo and Juliet.

Magazines – He has no use for those.

Foods – Secretly obsessed with sugar, he really likes sun dried meat and chinese yakisoba.

Drinks – He likes black tea, and matte tea with cinnamon.

Animals – He likes earth's turtles, they're so less sassy and much more humble. 

Social Issues – Is too focused on his friend's loss to welcome new friends.

Favorite Saying – "Moonlight shall reveal my true path." -D

Color – Loves Red above all colors, doesn't wear cold colors much.

Clothing – Often uses weird clothes, capes and shirts in heavy fabrics.

Jewelry – Doesn't really use much jewelry aside from a red pendant where he stores his energy.

Games – Got himself addicted to tetris and pacman.

Websites – He only really has a snapchat, skype and twitter, all of those he barely updates.

TV Shows – He finds human tv really weird and entertaining, but grossed out my human health shows.

Movies – Loved the Phantom of the Opera, still hums some of the songs.

Greatest Want –Wants to move on, and wants a Ruby to practice energy control.

Greatest Need – New friends, people who will help him think.

Actual Residence  – Still lives in his house in Noreply, but often comes to spend the day in Housevoid.

Household furnishings – Raz's furniture are all brown, burgrundy and black, save from greyish floors and the stone floor in his home.

Favorite Possession – A magic interdimensional megaphone Demétrio gave him. Though he has no use for it anymore, he still remembers how the King entrusted him to be the one to call for him if they got in trouble in another dimension.

Most Cherished Possession – His pocket mirror with tiny rubies incrusted on it's cover.

Car – Often rents hovercycles or pays dragons to fly him further than he can go.

Pets – Fyrp, his Dracominion. If it weren't for it's ability to eat fire, Raz might've been set the house on fire several times a week.

Career – He is trying to study unbiased, by himself, to become a royal warlock.

Salary – His money comes from helping lift the curses on another magic apprentices.

Other Income – Not needed.

Dream Career – Wants to join Demétrio's team of warlocks, so he can achieve his true potential as a demon.

Dream Life – He wants to be famous and praised for his ranks, and wants other demons to look up to him as an example of hard work, skills and power.

Love Life – He used to go to the lower grounds of the country to clubs, where him and his friends would get drunk and join crazy orgies, but nothing with real feeling on it.

Sexual Turn Ons – Waxing, scratching, biting, sometimes domination.

Sexual Turn Offs – Exposion, too much talk, grossness.

Hobbies – He liked to scare people in the woods when he was younger, and break glass objects in dumpsters when he used to hang out with Lorenzo, Avenka and the others. He is surprisingly good at making card castles.

Guilty Pleasure – Sugarcubes, scaring peopel on forests, making machines malfunction.

Talents or Skills – Really skilled spellcaster, exceptional at mind powers such as telekinesis and telepathy, can grant smaller curses and blessings.

Intelligence Level – Really inteligent and rational when not emotionally driven.

Greatest Strength – Mind powers

Greatest Weakness – Emotionally unstable.

Health Problems – None.

Biggest Mistakes – Thinking dimension jumping was fun, depending on friend's approval.

Biggest Achievements – His skills, a 3m tall card castle.

Trivia – He met Dahlia and Jade in some woods in Finland, Scared the shit out of them and got scolded by Dahlia. 

Personality: Merin (WIP)

Name - Merin K. Greenleaf
Doll Sculpt - Doll Chateau Ada
Hair/Eyes - Golden/Blue
Nicknames - Merry, Lady Merry The Goldiewire
Age - 12
Origin - Finland
Species - Horned Centaur
Gender - Female
Sexuality - (Discovering)
Quirks & features - Talks to animals, is a prodigy on electric engineering.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Doll Sculpt Name – Doll Chateau Ada

Full Name – Merin Kennedy Greenleaf

Meaning of Name – Mistress, Helmet, Green Leaf

Nickname – Merry, Lady Merry The Goldiewire

Birth Date – 31.07.2003

Astrological Sign and Details – Leo: Passionate, Inteligent, Reasonable | Overconfident, Messy, Ego

Birth Place – Hellsinki, Finland

Age – 12

Nationality – Finnish

Race – Horned Centaur

Hair Color – Golden Blonde

Hair Style – Pixie with Hime Cut bangs

Shape and Features of Face – Square face, big angulated eyes, cat lips and a cute little nose.

Glasses or Contacts – Needs none, but often uses protection googles

Eye Color – Indigo Blue

Skin Tone – Pale yellowish

Scars or Distinguishing Marks – A brownish-black dot under her left eye

Disabilities – None

Build or Body Type – Tiny and skinny, with slightly wide hips.

Height – 1m

Weight – 40 kg

Speech Patterns – She talks really clearly but fast, often using the scientific terms for things, confusing people around her. But she is very pacient in explaining herself.

Gestures – She it's always fast pacing, with her hands working and re-enacting what she says. Often she will touch the hand of whom she wants to speak to.

Weakness – Merin is really really messy, which often delays her work, and she's too arrogant to admit her flaws.

Special Abilities or Powers – She is fantastically inteligent and usually, thinks with reason rather than feeling. She is passionate about electricity and creates or fixes electric devices with ease. She also talks to animals, loves taking care of bees.

Family and Childhood –

Mother –

Father –

Mother’s Occupation –

Father’s Occupation –

Family Finances –

Birth Order – Mother, Father, Deniz and  Merin

Brothers – Deniz

Sisters – None.

Other Close Family – Her Grandma

Best Friend – Jade and her brother, Deniz

Other Friends – Tatsuya and the other peopel living on VoidValley.

Enemies – The bullies that keep picking on her brother and messing with her too.

Pets – Her family has 2 cats (Nina and Urso) and one dog (Daisy), all saved from street.

Favorite Toy or Game – She has a tiny wind up toy, it's yellow and it dances.

Schooling – Merin is in 6th grade, despite being an inventor, electronic genius, she is still not all that informed in other subjects.

Favorite Subject – Phisics.

Popular or Loner – She is very polite to everyone, and some kids look up to her, but she often feels distant from others.

Important Experiences or Events – When she built her beebot friend, a robot made of gold, copper and steel, whom helps her like a JARVIS computer. When a bald blue cat girl met her in the street, and when she built a portal based on her friend's power, and when she was comissioned Faramita, and used the desing of an old imaginary friend of her.

Health Problems – Hyperactivity gives her few, troubled sleep hours.

Bad Habits – Being messy, over achieving

Good Habits – Working hard, fixing things.

Best Characteristic – Generosity and passion to her friends.

Worst Characteristic – Overconfidence in people's kindness.

Worst Memory – On the day the bullies destroyed the gift her brother was making to their mom, she was going out to buy copper wires. She yelled at them to try and draw attention so someone would come to help, but as her grandma was asleep, no one came. One of the bullies punched her right in the face, and as she fainted, one of them left her in a garbage can, blocks and blocks away from their house. She never told anyone (except now for Jade) what happened, but she still regrets not being able to handle the situation on her own.

Best Memory – When she showed Beebot to Jade, and they both played games and had milkshakes in a park.

Proud of – Her works.

Embarrassed by – When people treat her like the is doing something wrong for being a smart kid.

Driving Style – She doesn't drive yet, but rides bicicles like a bolt, a very controlled one, in that.

Strong Points – Her elegance, her intellect, her generosity and passion about life.

Temperament – She is often too quick thinking to pay attention to senseless destructive criticism, but she is quick to get mad at the right things.

Attitude – She is really elegant and ladylike, even if she speaks really fast. She is delicate and feminine.

Weakness – Merin really doesn't think being sligtly electrocuded is all that bad, even if easily avoidable. Also, sometimes she thinks she is not powerful enough to deal with things all alone.

Fears – She is afraid of the dark, and afraid of drowning.

Phobias – Nyctophobia, fear of the dark.

Secrets – She is really really vain, but tries to keep on a humble façade.

Regrets – Sometimes she regrets being so good at what she is, bc she feels distant from kids her age.

Feels Vulnerable When – When smarts can't solve the problem.

Pet Peeves – Blackouts.

Conflicts – Sometimes she wants people to stop putting her on a higher step than other kids, but she likes recognition.

Motivation – Helping others and learning more about electricity.

Short Term Goals and Hopes – Upgrading Beebot, Getting to know Tatsuya and Dahlia more, meeting Steam Powered Giraffe

Long Term Goals and Hopes – Become a well known Inventor and Electric Engineer, and never stop building extraordinaire things, adding more bizarre words to her already extent vocabulary.

Sexuality – She is pretty much clueless about that, she never really had a crush on anyone.

Exercise Routine – She likes dancing and going for walks, sometimes she rides a bike to go buy candy with her Big Bro.

Day or Night Person – Merin's sleep pattern is so flawed she isn't even sure anymore.

Introvert or Extrovert – She is and Extrovert, but her reputation proceeds her in such a way, it's hard for her to socialize.

Optimist or Pessimist – Optimist

Music – She really like K-Pop and the way they dance, but often listen to Steampunk bands.

Books – She loves too many books, but her favorite has to be Silver and Golda by Dan Drake

Magazines – She never really reads those

Foods – She loves apple pie and Brocolis with dressings.

Drinks – Energy drinks a little bit too much, so she is often drinking Camomile tea to calm down and sleep.

Animals – She loves bees more than any other animal.

Sports – She isn't a fan of sports, but thinks Ice Skating is really pretty!

Social Issues – Adults really talk so much about her, like her being a genius is all that is about her. This makes difficult for her to socialize with kids, that don't treat her like another normal kid.

Favorite Saying – If tea can't solve it, then it's a big problem.

Color – She loves beige, golden, lilac, and other chocolate liike colors.

Clothing – She dresses steampunk in every occasion she gets.

Jewelry – She loves wearing golden bracelets, chains, and epaulettes.

Games – She loves Uno, and gears and zapper puzzles.

Websites – She has a tumblr and facebook only.

TV Shows – Merin adores My Little Pony.

Movies – Atlantis, Radio Rebel, Monster High, Ever After High, O Gigante de Aço

Greatest Want – She wants a new torch, but her parents thinks it's too dangerous.

Greatest Need – She need to go out more, and make real friends.

Actual Residence - She built a teletransporter based on her friend, Jade's powers. So in daylight on Finland she lives with her family, but all the time she has free of her family attention, she and her brother go to Valley, to meet Jade and her other new friends.

Room — Despite having a net on it, her room is a Electric Engineering Laboratory.

Household furnishings — Merin's furniture is a mix of rustic and vintage, with lots of copper and other metals.

Favorite Possession – Beebot, and her googles.

Most Cherished Possession – The gear epaulette his brother sewn and emboidred for her.

Career – She has many people looking out for her, eager to to claim her as a prized apprentice, but she is unsure about where to go once she finishes elementary school.

Salary – She has a nice allowance from her parents, and whatever she finds in the scrapyard.

Other Income – Sometimes she fixes things for the neighbors.

Dream Career – She likes to fix things for people, but she wants to have a better lab

Dream Life – She really wants to make her dream machines in her steampunk wonderdream come true.

Love Life – Inexistent yet. She is very oblivious to anyone who might have a crush on her, and never had crushes on anyone yet.

Hobbies – Steampunk Conferences, which she attends to with her brother.

Guilty Pleasure – Creating stactic to make people's hair raise.

Talents or Skills – Aside from being good with electronics, she really likes singing.

Intelligence Level – Really high, but very low sociably skills.

Greatest Strength – Her generosity

Greatest Weakness – Her social awkwardness

Health Problems – None aside from her wrecked sleep pattern

Biggest Mistakes – Hunting too eagerly for Steam Punk Girls photos....and finding ones where they aren't really clothed.

Biggest Achievements – Beebot's AI. So friendly. Much Polite. Such Bee, lovely robot.

Trivia – Merin's favorite song is Clockwork Vaudeville.

Personality: Deniz (WIP)

Name - Deniz K. Greenleaf
Doll Sculpt - Doll Chateau Amos
Hair/eyes - Blond/Lilac
Nicknames - Danny, Ken, Legolas
Age - 15
Origin - Finland
Species - Horned Centaur
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Bisexual
Quirks & features - Talks to animals, loves arts, crafts and organization. Loves nature and camping.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Doll Sculpt Name – Doll Chateau Amos

Full Name – Deniz Kennedy Greenleaf

Meaning of Name – Sea, Ugly Head, Green Leaf

Nickname – Danny, Denny, Ken, Legolas

Birth Date — 12.04.2000

Astrological Sign and Details — Taurus:

Preserverance, Loyal, Practical | Possessive, Materialistic, Stubborn.

Birth Place — Helsinki, Finland

Age – 15

Nationality – Finnish

Race – Horned Centaur

Hair Color – Blond

Hair Style — Shaggy short hair

Shape and Features of Face —  Round face, relaxedbut pointy eyes, straight small nose, cat lips, horned moose horns.

Glasses or Contacts – Needs none, but uses glasses sometimes, for style.

Eye Color – Lilac

Skin Tone — Yellowish pale

Scars or Distinguishing Marks — A few scars in his hands, one bite mark in his centaur torso.

Disabilities — He has a lisp, but tries to hide it, as he is embarassed by it, and doesn't like when people make comment on it.

Build or Body Type — Skinny, slender body, small shouldered.

Height — 1,52cm

Weight — 70kg

Speech Patterns — Talks quietly and timidly, is very shy, unless inspired, then he talks very fast and enthusiastically, but still, with a low tone.

Gestures — Often brushing his hands against his hair, grabbing the edge of his clothes, locking his fingers togheter, anything that keeps his hands next to him.

Weakness — Denniz doesn't have a lot of energy, and is often sleepy.

Special Abilities or Powers — Can talk to animals and sense change on nature surrounding him, he is really crafty and can decorate things with ease.

Family and Childhood -

Mother —

Father –

Best Friend –

Other Friends –

Enemies — There is a group of boys two blocks away from his house, they bully him for not being "man enough"

Pets – His family has 2 cats (Nina and Urso) and one dog (Daisy), all saved from street.

Favorite Toy or Game – He loves pc games, Minecraft is his ultimate favorite. He also collects Legos.

Schooling – 2nd year of high school.

Favorite Subject — Art

Popular or Loner – He is quiet, and doesn't mean to draw attention to him, but doesn't drive away new friends.

Important Experiences or Events – When he learned how to make friendship bracelets with colorful strings, giving to their freinds each one with their favorite colors.

Health Problems – He has a disfunction in his tyreoid, makes him very tired all the time, and his lisp.

Religion and beliefs – He is not religious at all, says he is too confused about faith.

Bad Habits – Procastinating, being emotionally dependable on others, never going back on an argument.

Good Habits – Practcical, likes to enjoy every little moment, lives in the present, knows how to cherish friends.

Best Characteristic – Pro-active when it comes to friends or creative projects

Worst Characteristic – Stubborn.

Worst Memory – Having a macrame wall tapestry tore apart by bullies. He had been working on that for weeks, in secret, as a gift to his mother. She found out and told him it was ok, she was happy to have such a talented son, but he fleed home and got in a fight with the bully. They both fought until Deniz's parents came lookign after him, saving him from being beaten into serious injuries.

Best Memory – When one of his aunts gave him a set of professional brushes and gouache paint. He painted so much stuff his skin got stained for days.

Proud of – Being so skilled with his hands.

Embarrassed by – His lisp, how upwards his butt is, even in human form.

Driving Style – He doesn't drive yet, but whenever he is using a bicicle or kart, or other vehicles, he isn't as calm as naturally.

Strong Points – Inventive solutions, willingness to give his best in every work, always bringing people togheter.

Temperament – He is usually calm and quiet, but mess with his work or make fun of him and he won't take lightly. He will argue and won't hold anything back to defend himself, friends, or his works.

Attitude – Deniz is really easy going and friendly to those who come talk to him, but he isn't exactly extroverted.

Fears – He is afraid of not being good enough, always pushing himself to the limit, until he breaks and becomes lazy. He is anxious about quality, but get lazy when things don't go as well as he hoped, and he has a hard time balancing it all.

Phobias – None.

Secrets — Secretly he wishes he was more strong and intimidating, he thinks this way more of the right people would like him, and bullies wouldn't dare pick a fight with him.

Regrets — Regrets being so stubborn with arguments inside his family. He hates when people are driven away from him, but he can't help being stubborn when he thinks he is right.

Feels Vulnerable When — When people get too close to him and imply he isn't just what he seems to be. People mean he isn't such a nice kid and might have naughty side hidden, but he usually thinks people are close to finding he isn't human.

Pet Peeves — When weather or other conditions don't cooperate with his works, when materials end right when he was inspired, feeling lazy when a project nearly due.

Conflicts — He is stubborn, and often picks fights he can't win, also he is in a constant struggle between anxiety of trying is best, and proscratinating stuff.

Motivation — He isn't even ashamed to admit he loves recognition. There is nothing that makes him more happy than people admiring the gifts he made for them.

Short Term Goals and Hopes — He wants a Scrapbox, a table that organizes all of his art supplies neatly. Also he is kinda hoping he will make new friends, the older ones are disappointing him.

Long Term Goals and Hopes — He wants to grow into a larger man, and wants his etsy store to grow, also he plans to live somewhere in a wooden cabin, surrounded by nature and a river

Sexuality — He is bisexual. Deniz calmly found it out while lazily browsing the internet, he stopped to analyse himself and the things that turned him on.

Exercise Routine — He walks around a lot, and likes riding bicicles, other than that he doesn't put much thought into exercising.

Day or Night Person — He hates waking up with a burning passion, even if he likes the day, he can't bring himself to wake up before 11 am.

Introvert or Extrovert – He is more of an introvert as he is usually mindind his own business.

Optimist or Pessimist – He is usually an optimist.

Likes and Styles - He loves old, unsatured colors, and he loves steampunk style. He really likes to be elegant when he is not casual. (His casual outfits are kinda geeky)

Music — He likes to listen to Lordi when he is mad, and likes Power Metal to play Minecraft. Other than that he is pretty either way with his music, liking from eletronic to instrumental.

Books — Deniz is a die hard fan of J. R. R. Tolkien books, but likes the Heroes of Olimpus series too.

Magazines — He only reads Diy magazines his mom buys, sometimes gaming magazines.

Foods — He loves Leipäjuusto, he eats it in very cold days. He eats Riisipuuro very often, as it is a dish he can easily make for himself.

Drinks — He is a coffee addict.

Animals — Denniz really likes to draw birds, but he likes fishes a lot. He wishes he had Kingyuus and a very big aquarium.

Sports — He isn't much into sports, but he tried to learn Jiu-jitsu once. It didn't go well, for he has really low energy.

Social Issues — People often abuse his generosity, or claim him to be too clingy.

Favorite Saying – The tool doesn't matter as much as the one holding it.

Color — Brown, Beige, green, old and washed colors.

Clothing – He likes shorts and leather pants, flannel and tartan print. At home he only uses boxers-briefs and geeky t shirts, but he really loves dressing steampunk. His family says it's too flashy, but can't argue he looks elegant in such outfits.

Jewelry — He likes copper and gold as it compliments him better.

Games — He loves Minecraft, it's his ultimate favorite game. But he also likes a few other indie or rpg games.

Websites – He has a Facebook, a Pinterest, and an Etsy.

TV Shows – He doesn't care much for tv shows, but he is often watching tattoo shows.

Movies — He watched the Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings movies more times anyone could take, but he also likes DragonHeart, The Golden Compass and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Greatest Want — A new laptop and more materials.

Greatest Need — New clothes and new friends.

Actual Residence - His sister built a teletransporter based on her friend, Jade's powers. So in daylight on Finland he lives with his family, but all the time he has free of his family attention, he and his sister go to Valley, to meet Vivienne and their other new friends.

Room — Despite having a net on it, his room is a DIY workshop. It has many many materials and tools for his creations.

Household furnishings — Deniz's furniture are really cozy and decoraded with different types of knitting, crocheting and such, all handmade by him.

Favorite Possession — His head flashlight, useful

when making stuff while traveling.

Most Cherished Possession — Brass Googles gifted

from his little sister, Merin.

Neighborhood — Aside from The bullies that live nearby, there are some kids just Deniz's age, but they are far more introverted than him.

Dream Life — He dreams of traveling the world, selling his art, and attending Fantasy-Steampunk conventions all over the world.

Love Life — Pretty much inexistent, since he is too shy to declare himself, so he just has unrequited crushes.

Hobbies — DIY and crafts.

Guilty Pleasure — Buying more materials than he needs.

Talents or Skills — Drawing, Macrame, other crafts.

Intelligence Level — He is really really smart, but doesn't put much effort into anything aside his art.

Greatest Strength — Organized and persevering.

Greatest Weakness — Emotionally dependable on others

Biggest Mistakes — Thinking varnish sprays couldn't hurt his health.

Biggest Achievements — Decorationg almost verything he owns.

Trivia — He met Vivienne on Pinterest, she was really excited to hear he is also a Horned Centaur. They are now, each other's morails.

Personality: Vivienne (WIP)

Name - Vivienne
Doll Sculpt - Dollchateau Lilian
Hair/eyes - Blonde with colorful streaks/Teal
Nicknames - Vivi, Musey
Age - 19
Origin -  USA
Species -  High Elf
Gender -  Cisgender Female
Sexuality -  Bisexual
Quirks & features - Animal Talk, slight knowledge about witchcraft, has pointy ears, horns, and magical markings around her neck.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Doll Sculpt Name – Doll Chateau Lilian head + DC Y-body-05 +DC Heels

Full Name – Vivienne Brightwood

Meaning of Name – Lively

Nickname – Vivi, Gaga, Musey

Birth Date —

Astrological Sign and Details — Sagittarius: Generous, Humorous, Friendly | Messy, Inconsistent, Impatient

Birth Place — United States, California, Ventura.

Age – 19

Nationality – United States

Race – High Elf

Hair Color – Originally platinum blonde, but she dies it tons of different colors whenever she likes.

Hair Style — She changes it very often, but it's almost always short, asymmetrical, with different dyed streaks, usually straight.

Shape and Features of Face — Pale eyebrows, strawberry shaped face, small eyes, round nose and thin lips.

Glasses or Contacts – Contacts sometimes, just for fashion.

Eye Color – Teal

Skin Tone — Very pale.

Scars or Distinguishing Marks — pink/salmon freckles on cheeks.

Disabilities — Her four feet don't adjust well in most everyday situations, as well as her horns.

Build or Body Type — Slender, thin, wide hips.

Height — 1,40 m

Weight — 65 kg

Speech Patterns — Says umm a lot, uses a lot of slangs and internet terms, brushes her hand against her horn or on one another. If bored, she plays with her hair. Her hands are usually all over, too.

Tag Words — Geek, Fashionista, Hair modification, Vegan

Gestures — She is constantly waving her hands, doing peace signs for photos, and doing heart shapes for her friends. Other than that, she is very delicate.

Weakness — She is kind of an air-head and sometimes her four feet or horns get her in very awkward situations.

Special Abilities or Powers — She can talk to animals, and has a weird connection with nature in general. She knows when it's gonna rain for real, it's an example.

Family and Childhood - Vivi had a pretty happy childhood, except for her stuggle at school. She spent years concealing herself with magic, but nowadays she isn't too scared of revealing herself. The only reason she does not go centaur all the time is she realises it's not pratical and might be dangerous.

Mother — Donna Jackson Brightwood, a Witch, born in the USA, used magic to protect herself and friends from the never understanding average human eye.

Father – 'Finn' (Finnegan) Hipolito Brightwood, a Horned Centaur. He was born in Canada, but moved to California when still a kid. He and his family run a Vet clinic ever since they came to the USA.

Mother’s Occupation – Witch, Nurse.

Father’s Occupation – Veterinarian Doctor.

Family Finances – Their finances are little above the average. They have enough for the 4 of them.

Birth Order – Donna, Finn, Vivienne, Amos.

Brothers – Amos, her younger brother.

Sisters – None.

Other Close Family – A younger cousin, Ada. She is very fond of everyone in her family, but the one she gets to see the most is her grandma from the mother's side, Angelique.

Best Friend – She had tons of friends everywhere she went, but none of them really close.

Other Friends – She has many internet friends whom she talks to a lot. They do videos, texts, photos and drawings for each other on a weekly basis.

Enemies — Only the haters of her blog.

Pets – She had some pets in her homeland, but where she lives now it's not all that great for pets, so she doesn't put them through that. She is friends of the dogs on the other apartments, though. If she could, she would have a Spitz dog.

Home Life During Childhood — Vivi had loving, but distant parents. She was open to interact and befriend anyone in school, but at that time she didn't have many friends. Once in a while she would get to meet her own kind an other types of creatures, and had a few friends from there too. Even though being very friendly, she was slow to actually be considered friends to someone.

Town or City Name – She lived in Ventura.

Details of Town or City — A coastal city in California. Her life was linked to the sea from the beggining and beaches are her main hangout.

What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like — Her bedroom was sort of big, with little furniture but overdecorated. As she grew older, the more she would decore her bedroom with photos, posters, christmas lights, sticky notes with messages and inspirational phrases, stickers, glitter, and much more. She would draw zebra patterns, stars and other random stuff she thought was cute enough for her walls. She had even some feathers and other simple stuff hanging from the ceiling, but whenever her horns got caught in them, she would move them to somewhere else where hopefully it wouldn't bother her anymore.

Any Sports or Clubs – She once tried cheerleading, but failed, for it could reveal her natural form. So she joined the scrapbook club.

Favorite Toy or Game – She loves her pink overdecorated new 3DS, and she plays Animal Crossing a lot, she admits she is addicted. Other than that, she loves her animal plushies. Her favorite ones are a manatee called Memphis and a Giraffe called Berenice.

Schooling – She is in college now, doing Fashion Design. She decided to join so she could do better and more stylish clothes for her own kind.

Favorite Subject — 2D Visual studies. She loves to come up with new ideas for prints.

Popular or Loner – She is very popular by now. Vivienne has many friends and a few boys trying to get to know her better. Usually she goes to party with them and is very social, but she doesn't give in to the boys, she doesn't want a serious relationship now.

Important Experiences or Events – Everything for her is exciting, but nowadays her tests are the most important thing in her mind. Other than that she is really looking foward to go to the beach asap.

Health Problems – She is Hyperactive, and has a very faint miopia.

Culture — She is American, but she was really influrenced by the Mythical and and Magic aspect of her family. She hides it, though. She tends to separate the worlds just for safety.

Religion and beliefs – She decided not to be Wiccan like her mother, even though she believes in most of the Wiccan beliefs.

Bad Habits – Cursing, forgetting she is in disguise and getting trapped/tripping over things, being easily distracted, overdecorating things, addiction to spamming social media with photos full of stickers and filters, drifting away from people, eating too much candy.

Good Habits – Enjoying herself, enjoying nature, giving make-overs to friends, surfing, gifting friends out of kindness, being caring.

Best Characteristic – Her friendlyness.

Worst Characteristic – Her recklessness.

Worst Memory – When she saw a dog being stoned almost to death.

Best Memory – A day when she dived and swam with dolphins.

Proud of – Her looks, her creations.

Embarrassed by – How people find her to be too random and weird.

Driving Style – She is still taking lessons, she tries to drive very carefully, by relaxing before driving so she can concentrate better on the task.

Strong Points – Kind, Creative, Light-hearted.

Temperament – She is hyperactive and very friendly, but if conflict with one person comes, she tries to solve things by talk. If the conflict persists, she avoids the person at every cost, holding grudges for a while.

Attitude – Bubbly, fun loving, easy to get along, sassy.

Weakness – She better hide her true form, but sometimes when she is sleepy or drunk is really hard to. Other than that, sometimes she neighs while laughing. No one suspects, but her friends find it really funny. Her kind has a quarrel with Griffins, and while she doesn't think of them as negative, some of them don't look at her with good eyes.

Fears – She is really afraid that people don't really like her and lie about liking her, 'cause she is sort of an 'everybody's friend'. Also she is really afraid of serial killers and this sort of creepy pasta rumours.

Phobias – Athazagoraphobia, the fear of being ignored or forgotten. Also she is afraid of breaking her bones or horns, as it would be extremely painful and would be really hard to repair.

Secrets — Her bubblyness is actually a shield she built to protect herself from the negativity of the world. Also, her centaur form is a secret to all of her human friends (won't be a secret to Yuu for long). She has basic magic powers she hid from her mother and family, but her mother kind of suspects it.

Regrets — She regret having drifted away from some people, she also has some mixed feelings about having to hide herself, sometimes she regrets having trust other creatures so much.

Feels Vulnerable When — When her horns get stuck into something and she is afraid of injurying herself or breaking things. Also she hates to be alone in the streets past noon, as Vivi would rather be with friends.

Pet Peeves — She hates people who treats animals bad or spoils them too much it's risky. Other of her pet peeves is how her aunts kept suggesting her to become a witch. She said it should come naturally if it was to happen. Also she hates some taboos of the mythical world, such as the rivalry between Griffins and centaurs/horse like creatures.

Conflicts — She only has conflicts with some haters online, some envyous people at her college and the occasional monster that says she should never reveal herself ever!

Motivation — Her motivation is to make cute, stylish clothes for other mythical creatures, and leave her ideas to the fashion world.

Short Term Goals and Hopes — She wants to get her apartment new decorations, and a sewing machine.

Long Term Goals and Hopes — Vivi wants to have her own line of clothes, maybe join the Wicca, and maybe get a pet and a lover.

Sexuality — Bisexual, but pan-curious, she's still exploring.

Exercise Routine — She doesn't exercise much, except for surfing and going on walks in parks and woods.

Day or Night Person — Viv is a Mornign person, but she actually doesn't mind being awake late at all.

Introvert or Extrovert – Extrovert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Optimist

Likes and Styles - Parties, Photos, Animals, prints, stickers and other cute stuff. She dresses in very fun, modern and cute fashions. She tries out many styles, but her favorite aesthetics are Decora, Scene, and Pastel Goth. (Yes, she does know Pastel Goth is just a visual)

Music — She loves eletronic, pop, some favorites are Vocaloid (IA is her favorite) Panic!At the Disco, Kerli, Melanie Martinez, Marina and the Diamonds and Nightcored music.

Books — She doesn't read much, but she liked Harry Potter, Eragon and Silver String.

Magazines — She has many fashion magazines, even if she doesn't enjoy them all that much.

Foods — She loves candy, but has no trouble eating light food. She loves anything Red Berries flavoured. Her usual meal would be a strawberry and milk drink, a white cheese sandwich.

Drinks — She drinks anything, really. But only when she's with friends. She has a thing for Vodka with gooseberry and Abysinthe. She gets drunk sometimes, but doesn't actually like doing so.

Animals — She has none, but Vivienne wishes she could have a Spitz and a Horse named Baxter.

Sports — She likes surfing and other aquatic sports, but is casual about them, as she isn't athletic.

Social Issues — She unintentionally draws a lot of attention, so she has as many friends as people who envy-hate her, or fake a friendship. Also she sometimes is stalked by the occasional creppy dude.

Favorite Saying – Glitter is Better.

Color — She never decides on colors, so she random picks it. But most of her stuff has either pastel or vibrant colors.

Clothing – She likes to wear Scene, Decora and Pastel Goth styles. She loves creepy hair bling, cute sweaters or funny stamps tshirts, and frilly skirts or leggings. Most of her centaur clothes is frilly, though.

Jewelry — She is thinking about getting piercings, but nowadays she uses necklaces and bracelets mostly, and sometimes thin chains.

Games — She likes Animal Crossing, and other cute games like Splatoon.

Websites – She has a personal tumblr, a Instagram for her photos and Fashion stuff, and a Facebook. She uses skype only to talk to her family and friends back in the USA.

TV Shows – Vivi likes a few cartoons, like My Little Pony, Steven Universe, Sakura Card Captors. Her human friends shown her series, but she just didn't get their appeal.

Movies — She loves Ponyo a lot. Viv likes to watch movies when she is bored or wants to relax.

Greatest Want — She wants a pair of Creepers, as well as new clothes. As she says, she never has enough clothes. She also could use new plushies, her old ones are battered and spliting at the seams.

Greatest Need — She needs new furniture for her new penthouse. Also, she is running out of hairdye and hair extensions.

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now - She lives in Brasil, SP, São Paulo, Paraíso. Right next to the campus.

Home — Vivienne lives in a penthouse with Erisdar.

Household furnishings — Most of is is white or cream colored, and she hates this color but says nothing, as most of them Erisdar bought.

Favorite Possession — She loves her Rarity tiny figure, she carries it in her pocket for extra confidence.

Most Cherished Possession — A pentagram given to her by her mom. Dahlia and her friends made a chain with sparkly teal shells for it, she wears it in her neck very happily.

Neighborhood — Her neighbors are kind to her, and she is kind to them too. Some of them are students just like her. She always lends a hand to take care of animals of her neighbors.

Town or City Name — São Paulo

Details of Town or City — It's the main comercial center of Brazil, it has many streets and malls dedicated to fashion, and many green areas, as well as good beaches for surfing.

Married Before — No.

Significant Other Before — She had a boyfriend once, when she was fourteen, but it didn't last a year. Also, she had a girlfriend before, it last almost three years, but they fell apart for the other girl had to move away. She sometimes misses her past lovers, and sometimes she feels lonely, but she knows this isn't time for a serious relationship.

Children — No.

Relationship with Family — She loves her family, but isn't very close to it, except for a few cousins and her Granny.

Best Friend — Her BFF is Dahlia. They met when Dahlia's family visited the US; both are almost sisters to each other now, and this is one of the friendships Vivi did never drift away from.

Other Friends – She met Erisdar throught the internet, looking for a place to live, they met in a site where mythical creatures help each other find a place to live.

Enemies — She hates a girl in her class called Giovanna. The both of them argued once and couldn't come to an agreement. But it's barely something noteworthy, they simply just avoid interaction.

Car — She doesn't drive yet.

Pets — None.

Salary — Her family is financing her.

Other Income — She sells handmade tshirts on etsy.

Dream Career — Plans on making a career out of Fashion for Mythical creatures.

Dream Life — Vivi wants to have a nice house by the sea where she can be in touch with nature, just selling her clothes.

Love Life — She may even go out on dates that are super nice to her, but she is honest and from the start she states she doesn't want anything serious.

Sexual Turn Ons — She likes it when people scratch behind her horns, kiss her neck, and put their arms on her waist or run their fingers through her back.

Sexual Turn Offs — She doesn't like slaps, doesn't like when people pinch her boobs or butt, dislikes people that pull her horns, hates people that try and mount on her, belly-rubs.

Hobbies — Scrapbook, Taking Purikura-like pictures.

Guilty Pleasure — Eating grass, hitting annoying people with her horns when they're tangible yet invisible.

Sports or Clubs — Scrapbook club.

Talents or Skills — She likes to make sharpie illustrations (the ones she uses on the Tees she sells), and likes scrapbook-patchwork stuff.

Intelligence Level — She is above average, but a little air-headed.

Greatest Strength — Her Kind, light heart.

Greatest Weakness — Her clumsyness.

Biggest Mistakes — Her biggest mistake was wandering off to a 'deserted' beach in her natural form, to go swimming on a river. Someone saw her, took pictures and almost caught up to her.

Biggest Achievements — Her style.

Trivia — She did have a crush on Yuu at one time, they tried something but decided to remain friends.
Vivienne gets furious when people treat her bad just because she is young.

Personality: Malinda (WIP)

Name - Malinda
Doll Sculpt - Eluts Rumi + Aileen doll hybrid
Hair/eyes - Pink and blue/ Blue and Pink
Nicknames - Diva, Linda
Age - 2002
Origin - Minas Gerais, Brazil
Species - Sky Dragon
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Lesbian
Quirks & features - Singer, sky magic, fire breath, energy bender.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Doll Sculpt Name – Eluts Zuzu Delf Rumi, with Aileendoll wings and tail.

Full Name – Malinda Aosa

Meaning of Name – Sweet Serpent, Celestial

Nickname – Linda, Diva, Queenie.

Birth Date — Undefined, but she claims her birthday to be May, 30th.

Astrological Sign and Details — Gemini: Compassionate, Clever, Energetic | Restless, Instictive, Iron willed.

Birth Place — Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Age – She claims being around 2002 years old.

Nationality – Brazilian

Race – Sky Dragon

Hair Color – She can change her hair color, but loves pink, blue and navy blue.

Hair Style — Often uses victory rolls and vintage curls.

Shape and Features of Face — She has a square face, big sleepy eyes, pointy teeth, pointy and droopy ears, a very small round nose, and small tri-pointed horns.

Glasses or Contacts – She wears sunglasses often, but doesn't need glasses or contacts to see.

Eye Color – Left one is pink, right one is blue.

Skin Tone — Very pale violet.

Scars or Distinguishing Marks — She denies it, but she has scars in her scalp, from being cut with a broken bottle.

Disabilities — None.

Build or Body Type — Tiny and chubby, with a almost flat chest.

Height — 54cm

Weight — 8kg

Speech Patterns — Talks very politely and warly to friends, sassy towards Max and some male friend of hers. Very graceful and even melodicly.

Gestures — She speaks with her hands a lot, making delicate gestures, often touching people in their hands or shoulders tenderly, looking them in the eyes to talk.

Weakness — Malinda can't help herself, she loves to be the star, loves to party, to sing, and loses focus easily when she can be doing something to turn all eyes on her.

Special Abilities or Powers — Singer, sky magic, fire breath, energy bender, good resistence.

Family and Childhood - She is part of a Dragon clan, but doesn't say much if at all about it, she says  "it's better not to know her private lady business. Also, dragons can be shy and dangerous, so I mean it."

Enemies — Men trying to make a mess of her bar.

Pets – She takes car of stray animals, and even has a couple of cats and dogs living in the backstage of the bar.

What Did His Bedroom Look Like — Her bedroom is something out of a fairy tale, with a round dossel bed, a big Vanity, all decorated by photos of her performances, and her friends.

Any Sports or Clubs – She adores dancing and singing, and even tried gymnastics and acrobatics, as she lives with a circus for a decade.

Favorite Toy or Game – She loves Karaoke and Hoola hoops.

Schooling – She doesn't quite look like it, but she did a lot of studying.

Favorite Subject — She specially good at Physics.

Popular or Loner – Linda often says the is too popular for her own good.

Important Experiences or Events – When she sung "James Ballroom" in her bar for the first time, when she met Parov Stelar and DSO, when she met Maxwell (and eventually, Erisdar.)

Health Problems – She faints often, but it's just for show.

Culture — Her culture is really mixed.

Religion and beliefs – She believes in Tiamat.

Bad Habits – Not admitting things to herself, being dramatic.

Good Habits – Helping others, being resourceful.

Best Characteristic – How protective she is.

Worst Characteristic – How stron-willed she is.

Worst Memory – The day she got her scars. It was her first day managing the bar's enternainment, unluckly, it was also a time where people were really angry due to a defeat in soccer. A fight broke out at the bar, when she tried to reason with them they smashed a bottle of booze in her head and burned the place down. But before that, Max was drinking there too, he picked up her tiny unconscious body and saved her from being consumed by the flames.

Best Memory – When Malinda, Max and Erisdar went on a Roller Skate Club.

Proud of – Her voice, her looks, her wings.

Embarrassed by – She is embarrassed by people flirting heavily with her.

Driving Style – She can't really drive, even if her human form she is too short to do so.

Strong Points – Her determination, Her performing skills, her magic powers.

Temperament – It's a sweetheart kind of girl until you get too drunk. Then she will rule you over into being sober again.

Attitude – Very caring, friendly and thoughtful, always ready to celebrate good times. Sassy with closer friends, and turns into a very strict bossy person when her friends get drunk.

Fears – She really dislikes smoke, due to the day she almost got burned alive. Aside from that she hates insects, like worms and spiders. She claims to hate the way they move.

Phobias – She got a lot braver over the time, but she is afraid of mobs and supernatural evil forces. She can feel those sometimes, but never had any incident with them. Also she takes good care of her wings as she wouldn't think of a life unable to fly.

Secrets — She did have a little crush on Max for saving her, but realised their relationship is more intimate than that. They're such BFFs they don't need to be in love, is what she feels. Also she is really insecure about not being good enough, but as soon as she thinks about that she remebers how good it feels to perform, so she kicks away such feelings.

Regrets — Sometimes she regrets clinging to bars to perform in, but she just can't come up with a better idea.

Feels Vulnerable When — She only feels vulnerable when she thinks someone saw past her her human disguise, as she is a lot more inclined to use any means, even magic to control crowds and protect herself and friends.

Pet Peeves — She hates harassers more than any knid of drunkard. Whenever she sees a guy making a girl uncomfortable she kicks him out, making sure to roast his buns while she is at it.

Conflicts — Sometimes she thinks she is risking her life for a foolish passion, but she can't help keep the same path while keeping her struggles bottled.

Motivation — Her motivation to keep her act up is for the fun of it. Fun for her customers and fun for herself.

Short Term Goals and Hopes — She wants new dresses and new songs to dance to.

Long Term Goals and Hopes — A remake on her bar, a new place to live, going back into having adventures with Max and her new friends, getting to know Tatsuya better, marrying.

Sexuality — Lesbian.

Exercise Routine — She has a basic stretching, warming up and dancing routine.

Day or Night Person — Despite her work, she is more of a day person.

Introvert or Extrovert – Extrovert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Optimist

Likes and Styles - She adores vintage '50 and '60 style, it's all she wears.

Music — She loooves Swing, EletroSwing, Jazz and Rockabilly. Her favorites are Parov Stelar, Diablo Swing Orchestra and Cissie Redgwick.

Books — She read a lot of books when younger, but lately she claims she isn't ready nearly enough.

Magazines — She thinks human magazines are hilarious.

Foods — She adores pão de queijo and goiabada.

Drinks — She drinks coffee every single day, she prefers black, but drinks it any way.

Animals — Linda takes care of stray animals, but has none for her own company.

Sports — She isn't very sporty, even though she likes to watch olympics at home.

Social Issues — Some women think she is a whore, and avoid her at all costs, making very nasty rumours.

Favorite Saying – "Hold your ground,
We're safe and sound" - Safe And Sound by Capital Cities

Color — Linda loves Pink, Red and Navy blue.

Clothing – She wears a lot of A line Dresses, mostly with polka dots on them. Also other vintage attire.

Jewelry — She likes pearls mostly, but wears her lucky Sapphire pendant sometimes.

Games — She really likes dress up games.

Websites – She has a facebook and a patreon.

TV Shows – She watched tv, but never really pays attention to it.

Movies — She shares with Dahlia a love for Moulin Rouge, but she also adores Chicago.

Greatest Want — A Dress made of Sapphires.

Greatest Need — A new job, a new microphone.

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now - She alternates between sleeping at the bar's upper floor and the Housevoid owned by Yuu.

Home — Her bedroom is something out of a fairy tale, with a round dossel bed, a big Vanity, all decorated by photos of her performances, and her friends, even if very tiny.

Household furnishings — Her bedroom by the housevoid is disguised as a big stage, but behind the curtains it's actually a very cozy pink room with a fluffy carpet, a Vanity big enough for a human, and such.

Favorite Possession — A totem inspired on her, made with Black Gold.

Most Cherished Possession — Her microfone.

Neighborhood — Her neigboors are abandoned casinos, so she barely knows anyone in her street.

Married Before — She had romantic relationships before, but never 'married' or anything.

Significant Other Before — She refuses to say anything about her significant others of the past.

Children — None, she is too young to have eggs.

Relationship with Family — Malinda talks nothing about her Dragon clan, but she seems pretty happy with them.

Best Friend — Her best friend is Maxwell, she puts him in a tier a bit higher than he actually deserves.

Other Friends – She got close to Erisdar by hanging with Max, she is very good friends with Tatsuya, and she really cares about Yuu, 'cause she think he often throws himself at more trouble than it's worth fighting for.

Enemies — Just a few drunkards that have been banned from her bar.

Car — She can't drive.

Career — She always been a performer, it's her passion.

Salary — She says it's 'enough', but she actually has to use her magic not to struggle too much.

Other Income — She sells her songs on Pantreon.

Dream Career — She dreamed of many places, like Broadway, but she doesn't quite believe in such dreams anymore.

Dream Life — She dreams in living in a place with more green, and where people acually cared about seeing her perform and she wasn't so alone.

Love Life — She doesn't like to talk about it, 'cause I miss my past lovers, it's all', she says.

Sexual Turn Ons — Biting, being romantic, being fun-loving, appreciating her skills.

Sexual Turn Offs — Being rude, being stinky, subjulgating her.

Hobbies — She likes crocheting and horse riding.

Guilty Pleasure — Dancing Naked, faking alchool in peoples drinks and seeing them being 'fake drunks'.

Talents or Skills — Malinda is a mildly skilled Barista, very skilled Singer and dancer, sky magic (she can make clouds, wind, interact wih sunlight and moonshine and stars), fire breather, energy bender (She can create objects with pure energy, or amplify the electricity in some eletronics, by moving energy around.)

Intelligence Level — She is very intelligent, specially she has quite a way with words and language.

Greatest Strength — Her magic, her responsiveness, her voice.

Greatest Weakness — Not admiting her troubles, Caring for others more than caring for herself, being in a toxic environment and not knowing how to get out of it.

Your Character’s Life Before Your Story - She lives traveling around the Americas, in a pattern on staying a decade in her birthplace, and another wandering about. Usually she travelled with circuses.

Past Careers — She has always been a performer, but she performed as Singer, Dancer, Fire-breather, Equilibrist in various ways, but mostly in a horse.

Biggest Mistakes — Trusting humans too much, believing in the wrong bet.

Biggest Achievements — Her Magic skills, her performer skills.

Trivia — She and Maxwell danced a lot to Black Cat Zoot's Dirty Dance.
She would really like a lover by now.
She is the biggest fan of Buster Keaton, the stuntman.
A "bad situation" song for her is Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom - COCO.
A "good situation" song for her is The Electric Swing Circus – Swingamajig

Personality: Erisdar (WIP)

Name - Erisdar
Doll Sculpt - [???]
Hair/eyes - Black/Indigo and Brown
Nicknames - Eris, Fae
Age - "24", actually he is 105.
Origin - Canada
Species - Fae
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Demisexual
Quirks & features - Vast knowledge about nature, Talks with animals, Shadow Magic, Flight

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Doll Sculpt Name – Soom The Crow+ Granado Andy head

Full Name – Erisdar

Meaning of Name – Swift

Nickname – Fae, Eris (Only Maxwell calls him: Ravie, Crowie)

Birth Date — 13.01.1907

Astrological Sign and Details — Capricorn: Ambitious, Organized, Sincere | Detached, Self-centered, Stubborn

Birth Place — Alma, Quebec, Canada

Age – 105, fakes being 24

Nationality – Canadian

Race – Fae

Hair Color – Black and Blue

Hair Style — Wavy, with an indigo 'Underdye'

Shape and Features of Face — Big lips, relaxed eyes, dramatic eyebrows, average nose, triangle shaped face, pointy ears.

Glasses or Contacts – Wears protection googles often.

Eye Color – Brown

Skin Tone — Grey

Scars or Distinguishing Marks — Though his skin heals very quickly, he has some darkened spots from how much Max bites him.

Disabilities — None.

Build or Body Type — Slender body, defined muscles, broad shoulders.

Height — 1,65m

Weight — 58kg

Speech Patterns — He is very very polite when talking, and even if you think he isn't listening, he is.

Gestures — Often 'floating', biting lips, playing with fingers, when sitting (and not flying) he scraches the ground with his claws.

Weakness — Beauty Curse, Weak against industral pollution and Iron.

Special Abilities or Powers — Flight, Shadow Magic, extensive knowledge about potion making, including teas, plants, infusions, natural ingredients. Specially good at healing people and animals, studying how to treat mystical creatures as well.Talks to animals.

Family and Childhood - Detached to them a century ago.

Other Close Family – Lived with Maxwell for many years.

Best Friend – Maxwell.

Other Friends – Vivienne, his housemate.

Enemies — The cashier lady at the grocery store.

Pets – He doesn't have pets, but loves birds, even taking care of the birds that leave near his building.

Home Life During Childhood — He spent his youth in a faery circle in Canada, in a cipress forest, taking care of animals and learning about plants more than practicing his magic.

Town or City Name(s) – He lived in a Fae circle known as Rond Lac, in Alma, Canada.

Details of Town(s) or City(s) — Rond Lac had many Forest, Ice and Water faeries, but abranged all kinds of faes.

What Did His Bedroom Look Like — He used to live inside a Rock Maple tree along with other faery families, but his 'bedroom' had many feathers, scales, fallen teeth and claws, given to him by the animals he took care of.

Any Sports or Clubs – Aside from Flying Erisdar doesn't exercise at all.

Favorite Toy or Game – his favorite toy was a boat made of wood and maple leaves.

Schooling – He learnt a lot with his fae comunity, but upon growing older he attended several colleges, mostly studying fauna and flora sciences.

Favorite Subject — Biodiversity

Popular or Loner – He is mostly a Loner, often found in the 'rejects club'.

Important Experiences or Events –

Health Problems – None, even if he isn't stallion strong he isn't feeble or weak either.

Culture — His fae culture is still strong in him, stronger than Canadian culture.

Religion and beliefs – He doesn't fully understands the concept of a religion, as the only thing sacred to him is Nature.

Bad Habits – Forgetting human manners, pranking, being too sensitive, lying.

Good Habits – Being caring, being studious, caring for the world's future.

Best Characteristic – Smart

Worst Characteristic – Sensitive

Worst Memory – When Maxwell broke up with him, when Maxwell turned to a vampire.

Best Memory – Taking Maxwell to a midnight flight above frozen Lake District National Park, England.

Proud of – His Ability to help people with nature.

Embarrassed by – How untrained and weak his magic powers are.

Driving Style – He barely drives, if at all. He isn't good enough to drive near or with people.

Strong Points – Being Smart, being funny, being generous.

Temperament – Calm, until you invade his privacy and force intimacy, such as kissing him without asking, invading his room, etc.

Attitude – Snarky, but friendly.

Fears – Being rejected, hurting innocents.

Phobias – No strong phobia except for a strong despise of pollution.

Secrets — Still madly in love with Maxwell, his secret laboratory.

Regrets — Regrets being attached too much at one person.

Feels Vulnerable When — When the wind is too strong, when he is not able to heal someone.

Pet Peeves — When people invade his privacy, littering, the way humans think they know so much about nature.

Conflicts — He isn't too good at faking humanity, so sometimes people think bad of him.

Motivation — Hopes for a better future where he can help not only wilderness, but other mystical creatures like him.

Short Term Goals and Hopes — Finish this Biomedicin college, find a better place to live with Vivi and maybe Maxwell.

Long Term Goals and Hopes — Reunite or give up on Maxwell, help mystical creatures who need to live in the city.

Sexuality — Demisexual.

Exercise Routine — He does not exercise at all.

Day or Night Person — He can go awake for as long as needed, but he is more of a evening person.

Introvert or Extrovert – Introvert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Pessimist

Likes and Styles - He wears mostly comfortable clothes, and jewelry with stones or feathers on them.

Music — He loves instrumental music, but recently found a band he liked a lot, called Omnia.

Books — He spends a lot of time buried in scientific books, Vivi tried to get him into trying other types of literature, but he just didn't pay too much thought about these.

Magazines — Erisdar only reads those to 'act more human'.

Foods — He prefers Vegan cooking, but it's not a must to him. He eats a lot of cereals, but his comfort food is Pancakes with Maple Syrup.

Drinks — He drinks a lot of juice and tea, despises Soda. He prefers fermented alchoolic drinks to destiled.

Animals — His favorite animals are Owls, but he loves a lot of other animals too.

Sports — While he is not an athlete himself, he finds snow sports fun to watch.

Social Issues — People in the neighborhood find him a weirdo, even if they don't dislike him, they tend to avoid his presence, save for a few nannyes who find him 'quite the handsome boy, has a way with flowers!'

Favorite Saying – Not in MY garden!

Color — Teal, Grey, Brown.

Clothing – Usually seen wearing shorts and tank tops.

Jewelry — He loves copper and brass jewelry, but barely wears any. He never gets near iron, though, as it would burn him.

Games — He doesn't care much about games, but finds racing games fun.

Websites – He has a facebook, but barely uses it.

TV Shows – Erisdar likes rural shows, much to Vivi's dismay.

Movies — He likes Narnia movies, but only watched those with friends.

Greatest Want — More precious stones and crystals.

Greatest Need — More vials and containers for his potions.

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now - Brasil, SP, São Paulo, Paraíso

Home — He shares a penthouse with Vivienne

Household furnishings — Most of the house's furniture is off white, made of wood, for Erisdar's safety.

Favorite Possession — A smoky quartz Maxwell gave him.

Most Cherished Possession — His Grimoire.

Neighborhood — He doesn't see most of his neighborhood, nor does he care much about them, he spends most of his time home.

Married Before — No.

Significant Other Before — Before he and Maxwell had a relationship, Erisdar had a crush on agender fae from his ring.

Children — No.

Relationship with Family — He is very very detached from his family.

Best Friend — Vivi and Dahlia are becoming closer to him.

Other Friends – He is also spending more time with Tatsuya and Zee.

Enemies — The cashier lady at the grocery store always makes fun of him for being weird.

Car — He doesn't have one.

Career — He works in a 'natural' shop, it's the only place to really admit him, given he knows so much about plants.

Salary — He makes enough, but then again he isn't one to shop recklessly.

Other Income — None.

Dream Career — Erisdar has been wondering about writing down his knowledge of fauna and flora.

Dream Life — He plans to do so, with Maxwell.

Love Life — It's pretty much nonexistent now, save for his ever unstable friendship with benefits with Maxwell.

Sexual Turn Ons — Moaning, Cuddling, Intense Staring, Cute Nicknames

Sexual Turn Offs — Being subjulgated, making yourself 'hard to get'

Hobbies — Pranks, Potion Making, Stargazing.

Guilty Pleasure — Trying out aphrodysiacs. On other people.

Talents or Skills — Long Flights, Dynamic reading, Apothecary.

Intelligence Level — Very high

Greatest Strength — Erisdar is very smart.

Greatest Weakness — He is too sensitive.

Past Careers — He almost always worked like that.

Biggest Mistakes — Being too passive-agressive towards Maxwell, often taunting him and being unforgiving, seeing only inside his box.

Biggest Achievements — His knowledge about nature.

Trivia — It's hard to pin down if he is mischievous or nice, for even though he spent around a century with humans, He likes pranking, but he is polite, but he isn't a very open person, so.
His voice sound a lot like in this song:
A Cool Cat in Town (music by TAPE FIVE)
Malinda and him danced a lot of Rockabilly back in the day.

Personality: Maxwell (WIP)

Name - Maxwell
Doll Sculpt - Soom Dracula Amor
Hair/eyes - Black/Red
Nicknames - Max, Matte, Vamp, Badboy, MAMBF
Age - "34"
Origin - England
Species - Vampire
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Pansexual
Quirks & features - Super strenght, super speed, being able to see in the dark, being undead.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Doll Sculpt Name – White Resin Soom Dracula Amor + Spiritdoll Herculean 80cm Male Body + Spiritdoll 80cm Jointed Hands

Full Name – Maxwell Adaline Mahoney Brockschmidt Fallonworth

Meaning of Name – Great Stream, Nobility, descendant of Bear, Smith who lives by a brook or a river, Leaderworth

Nickname – Max, Matte, Infernale, MAMBF, Vamp, Badboy  and Ada Honey is his Drag Queen name.

Birth Date — 31.10.1901

Astrological Sign and Details — Scorpio: Idealist, Passionate, Dinamic | Suspicious, Unyielding, Manipulative

Birth Place — Falstone, Northumberland, North of England.

Age – Stuck at 34.

Nationality – English

Race – Vampire

Hair Color – Black

Hair Style — Spiky with mullet

Shape and Features of Face — Angular and sleek face, pointy nose, small eyes, thin and sharp eyebrows.

Glasses or Contacts – Occasionally wears black contacts to hide his red eyes.

Eye Color – Red

Skin Tone — Very very pale, almost white.

Scars or Distinguishing Marks — Several tattoos, scars on left side of neck.

Disabilities — N/A.

Build or Body Type — Muscular, Tall.

Height — 1,85m

Weight — 122kg

Speech Patterns — Speaks very flirtly and gentleman like. Upon rage cusses a lot.

Gestures — Speaks a lot with his hands, if not, he has his hands oh his hips. If embarassed, he rests his hands on his neck or shoulders.

Weakness — Sunlight, garlic, not being invited to parties

Special Abilities or Powers — Super strenght, super speed, being able to see in the dark, being 'dead' (no need for rest or food for really long periods)

Family and Childhood -

Mother — Máiréad Mahoney Brockschmidt Fallonworth

Father – Brennan Adaline Fallonworth

Mother’s Occupation – House keeping, Inn owner

Father’s Occupation – Owner of Cattle and Dairy production

Family Finances – Very wealthy for their region, but nothing that would give them such and elevated status.

Birth Order – Brennan, Máiréad and their kids: Oscar, Maxwell, Florence, Willbur and Agnes.

Brothers – 1 younger brother and one older brother: Willbur and Oscar

Sisters – 2 younger sisters: Florence and Agnes Cantrala

Other Close Family – Too many cousins to count.

Best Friend – Erisdar

Other Friends – Cedric Cullen, his childhood friend.

Enemies — Catholic & other churches.

Pets – His family had a dog named Biscuit

Home Life During Childhood — His childhood was spent among his 2 brothers and 4 sisters.

What Did His Bedroom Look Like — His room was shared with other 2 brothers, his side was always clean an organized, while his brother's weren't as much. He had grey, blue and brown bed sheets he slept near the window and liked to watch the moon change.

Any Sports or Clubs – He liked to play football with his brothers.

Favorite Toy or Game – A wooden train

Schooling – As a kid he attended a good school, he majored in engineering, but at the course of the years, he attended countless colleges, studying various subjects, including arts such as dances.

Favorite Subject — Geography and Biology

Popular or Loner – He's always been popular wherever he went, but he had very few close friends.

Important Experiences or Events – Meeting Erisdar, Being turned into a vampire, losing his family to a fire, finally settling in with with Erisdar in Brazil.

Health Problems – Now he has none, but he was very susceptible to breathing problems before being turned into a vampire.

Culture — He absorbed many different cultures with the passing of the years and his travels, even if English culture is still the strongest in him.

Religion and beliefs – Max is not too religious, but has knowledge of Pagan culture (mostly Wicca) and satanism.

Bad Habits – Fighting, Drinking, Stealing, Messing with humans for fun (including seducing them), not dealing right with feelings, bad puns.

Good Habits – Being resourceful and helpful, making people smile.

Best Characteristic – His Attitude

Worst Characteristic – How he can't control his anger.

Worst Memory – His fights with Erisdar, the loss of his human friends and family.

Best Memory – Many discoveries he made in his travels, when he and Erisdar were dating, the vampire raves.

Proud of – Maxwell's Seducing skills.

Embarrassed by – Forgetting he's a vampire with weaknesses.

Driving Style – He is exceptionally good at driving, as he worked as a chauffer most of his life, mostly to famous singers. When driving for himself he drives a bit slow, enjoying the ride.

Strong Points – Helpful, willing to risk himself to friends, Fun loving.

Temperament – He is easy going, and pretty forgiving, but if he realises that you want to annoy him (and he will notice), he is going to rage real hard. He might forgive you if you apologize and do something fun for him.

Attitude – Sassy and sexy, but with a heart of gold.

Fears – He has a fear of fire, even if he controls himself. He has a fear of losing his mortal friends, but won't admit it. He is also afraid of losing Erisdar, but doesn't know how to work his feelings around what happened between them.

Phobias – While it's not a phobia, he feels really uncomfortable near Catholic people, symbols, places. For example, a church fully loaded with people praying will make him sweat like a sinner in church (ba dum tss)

Secrets — His relationship with Erisdar, the fact that he actually likes to wear dresses and feminine clothes-underwear

Regrets — Not loving his family while he still could, losing money in bad luck games

Feels Vulnerable When — When he is hungry, near the sun, when Malinda is angry.

Pet Peeves — When people want to annoy him, obnoxious people that know they're obnoxious and still won't change.

Conflicts — He has more conflicts within himself than bar fights. Also he and Erisdar are always in an 'on again off again' kind of situation.

Motivation — He 'lives' to enjoy the ride of his unlife, enjoying people while they last.

Short Term Goals and Hopes — He wants to train himself to be more tolerant to heat and light, and also train Tap dancing.

Long Term Goals and Hopes — Lecture people on history.

Sexuality — Pansexual.

Exercise Routine — He dances almost daily, but mostly for fun than for exercising, since he doesn't need to exercise nothing except maybe for his stealth, which he trains with Yuu.

Day or Night Person — Night person. He doesn't always sleeps by day, but is still motly active by dusk.

Introvert or Extrovert – He is quite the extrovert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Maxwell is mostly neutral, if something he likes to be Optimist just for funsies.

Likes and Styles - He has a dark, urban style.

Music — He likes Heavy Metal and Pop, like Black Veil Brides and Shakira.

Books — He read countless books, but loves Anne Rice.

Magazines — He barely if ever reads those.

Foods — He can eat almost anything he could as a human, except for garlic. He likes Orange juice and Pop Rocks, but mostly he drinks blood.

Drinks — He likes white wine, and red wine to fake he's drinking blood. But to be honest he already had more different alchoolic drinks he can remember.

Animals — He would love to have a pet, but knows it just wouldn't work well.

Sports — He isn't too athletic but plays anything for fun.

Social Issues — People are mostly afraid of him.

Favorite Saying – "You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means" -The Princess Bride

Color — He likes Red and Indigo, but mostly uses Black, White, and Redish colors like burgrundy.

Clothing – He likes to wear Jeans or Cargo shorts, Tank tops, boots or sneakers, and has no trouble dressing classy.

Jewelry — Max likes to wear gold jewels, sometimes with rubys or Fire Breath Opals, but only wears lots of it when dancing.

Games — He likes a lot of games, but his favorite is OFF. He is mostly into PC gaming or Kinect games.

Websites – He has a facebook and youtube channel where he posts videos of him dancing, on wich he has to wear make up on his body or else he won't show on camera.

TV Shows – He doesn't watch much TV, except for movies. Even though he is addicted to Youtube

Movies — He loves musicals, specially Sweeney Todd. But his ultimate favorite movie is Dracula from 1931.

Greatest Want — A chopper motorcycle

Greatest Need — Better equipment and make up to film his dance moves.

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now - He mostly sleeps in his car, visiting Yuu, Malinda or Erisdar when he need a shower.

Home — N/A

Household furnishings — N/A

Favorite Possession — Malinda gave him a wallet chain with a locket and a picture of her inside. He thought that was very funny and cute.

Most Cherished Possession — Max adores the magic bottle pendant shaped like a skull Erisdar gave him.

Neighborhood — N/A

Married Before — Married two girls, both deceased by now.

Significant Other Before — He dated humans, vampires and elves, but he dated Erisdar for the longest time.

Children — None, he can't have them.

Relationship with Family — He is pretty tight with his new group of friends.

Best Friend — Erisdar and Malinda

Other Friends – Zealothia, Yuu, Vivienne, Dahlia, Tatsuya and Jade.

Enemies — None he can remember, but they're all bar owners.

Car — He has a Black Towner.

Career — He worked as a Chauffer most of his life, but he also worked in a circus with Malinda; and in Raves/ Bars.

Salary — He still wins money by being a chaffeur.

Other Income — Sometimes he drives funerary cars and vampire taxi.

Dream Career — He would like to open a Vampire Night Club, maybe even perform in there.

Dream Life — He would like to finally solve his problems with Erisdar and find a way for his friends to stop dying.

Love Life — He is friends with benefits with Erisdar, and loves a one night stand.

Sexual Turn Ons — Singing, Dancing, Flirting, Nice sense of humour....... it's easier to list things that don't turn him on.

Sexual Turn Offs — Being demanding, insecure, annoying, lack of hygiene, garlic breath.

Hobbies — He likes to draw tattoos, even if he isn't planning them for himself.

Guilty Pleasure — Hearing people's last breath when he drinks their blood.

Talents or Skills — He is very skilled in belly dancing and tango.

Intelligence Level — He is Genius Brilliant, but often forgets about it.

Greatest Strength — His sexyness, persuasion, Vampire powers.

Greatest Weakness — Vampire weaknesses, his sassy sense of humour and uncontrollable temper.

Past Careers —

Biggest Mistakes — Fighting with Erisdar, not being forgiving and sincere enough about it.

Biggest Achievements — His skills.

Trivia  — Maxwell likes being a man, and is predominantly masculine, but sometimes he may 'dress up' more feminine, and he has a huge grudge on his father for being so close minded, and wonders how his own eternal unlife would have been if he didn't need to define his gender.
Sometimes he performs with Malinda, but as a Drag Queen called Ada Mahoney. They usually dance togheter, but he tries not to speak too much while in drag because he isn't very keen on pitching his voice up.
Him and Malinda are close like brother and sister, often caring for one another even from afar. But he thinks he isn't fit to help her sometimes, thinking he is only dragging her back in life, being unable to get a hold of his own life sometimes.
He is very unaware of his supernatural vampire abilities and powers, but he's far too subborn to accept someone as his master. He would never be submissive intellectually to someone, no matter how much he knows that person is wiser than him.
Maxwell's voice is a lot like David Michael Bennett, specially in this video: Sia - Cellophane (Cover by Steam Powered Giraffe)

The Vampire that killed and transformed Maxwell is Delilah Morreo.
In Vampire the Masquerade, he would likely be a Temerian Vampire.

Personality: Tatsuya (WIP)

Name - Tatsuya
Doll Sculpt - Aileen Doll Dragon
Hair/eyes - None/Green
Nicknames - Roary, Lucky
Age - Malinda says he is a teen dragon like her.
Origin - Space
Species - Dragon
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Asexual
Quirks & features - Lucky Aura, Fire Breather, Dimension Jumping

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Doll Sculpt Name – Aileen Doll Dragon

Full Name –  Tatsuya Amyre

Meaning of Name – Dragon Assertive, Devotion

Nickname – Roary, Lucky, (Max calls him Grapes)

Birth Date — Unknown, as his calendar is not human.

Astrological Sign and Details — Aries: Brave, Intelligent, Adventurous | Ego, Vindictive, Trouble-maker.

Birth Place — It's in another dimension, so it's nothing he could compare to a human place.

Age – He guaranteees he is older than the earth, but he is only a teen dragon.

Nationality – N/A.

Race – Dragon.

Hair Color – None.

Hair Style — None.

Shape and Features of Face — Reptilian, with big eyes, small nose and a pair of horns.

Glasses or Contacts – Needs none, but everyone says he looks adorable with Glasses.

Eye Color – Leaf Green.

Skin Tone — Purple.

Scars or Distinguishing Marks — A few protuberant scales.

Disabilities — None, except for not being to talk in any other way aside from telepathy.

Build or Body Type — Chubby and small.

Height — 43cm

Weight — 7kg

Speech Patterns — His 'voice' is actually really deep, like Morgan Freeman's. He talks very assertively, in a very positive and inspiring way, but rarely 'talks'. With his mouth he can only roar and do cat like sounds.

Gestures — He often moves his claws while 'talking', flickering his wings, wiggling his tail and tilting his head to react.

Weakness — He is a candy addict. Also it's really difficult for him to keep his actual size on Earth.

Special Abilities or Powers — Fire breathing, Magic spells, mind reading, Dimension jumping.

Family and Childhood - He is part the higher ranks of a dragon clan, he proudly says.

Mother — He claims her name to be Yvisthry

Father – He claims his name to be Morcrax

Best Friend – His BFF is Jade, but he is really close to Malinda too.

Other Friends – He is friends with a lot of animals, also he is friends with Yuu, Vivi, Max, Eris and Dahlia.

Enemies — No real enemies, he is really easy going even if he likes to fight he never really does it.

Pets – He has an acorn he calls Ziggy.

Favorite Toy or Game – He loooves training courses for dogs, he says those are so easy but exciting! Also he loves balls and laser pointers.

Schooling – He studied magic for most of his life, and has his skills really on point. He is studying a little about Earth with Vivi, Yuu and Max.

Favorite Subject — He likes to know about earth's animals and cultures.

Popular or Loner – He wouldn't be a loner in any way.

Important Experiences or Events – When he tricked farmers into thinking a field was already in flames when they were going to burn it.

Health Problems – None, but somehow he chokes often.

Culture — He knows a bit about Earth, his own culture makes zero sense even to Malinda.

Religion and beliefs – Weirdly enough, he worships Tiamat, just like Malinda.

Bad Habits – Eating too much candy, rocket flying around the house, then passing out in the sink.

Good Habits – Cheering everyone in need, listening to people and encouraging them.

Best Characteristic – He is supportive.

Worst Characteristic – He is overexcited about things.

Worst Memory – When he saw two boys pour boiling pitch in a kitten. He can't forget about it, even if the kitten managed to survive, he got so mad with rage the ripped both boys apart in the blink of an eye. Also, when he couldn't help cheering up a person about to end their suffering.

Best Memory – When he chased a bee and foudn out their honey.

Proud of – How strong his fire and his magic is.

Embarrassed by – How tiny, cute and chubby he is.

Driving Style – He doesn't drive, even though he knows how to.

Strong Points – His eagerness to live.

Temperament – He is really excited about anything, only gets mad at needlessly evil people.

Attitude – He is the "can-do" king, you can be the mopeyest person, he will lift you up to believe you can do anything, even if for a little time.

Fears – He claims not to be afraid of anything, but somethings envolving abuse of dark magic powers back at his dimension is probably the only thing to shake him off his feet.

Phobias – He has no phobias, he might just get startled by shadows, but isn't really afraid of anything.

Secrets — He likes to gnaw on people's hair when they are asleep and sleep curled next to them, but he wouldn't be caught dead doing either.

Regrets — He doesn't regret much, except maybe for not having met his friends sooner, and not being stron enough to deal with his past problems.

Feels Vulnerable When — When he can't help making peope happy. Specially if they are about to do something abrupt.

Pet Peeves — People who pick him by the tail, people who mess with his wings.

Conflicts — Some people dislike his "happy go lucky" attitude, but he can't hel being this way.

Motivation — He really likes his friends now. He hopes they will always be friends and he will always be able to make them smile.

Short Term Goals and Hopes — Eat all the candy in his room in the Housevoid....but everytime he eats it always seems likethere is more when he comes back?

Long Term Goals and Hopes — He hopes to keep everyone togheter through the things he feels are coming their way.

Sexuality — Asexual.

Exercise Routine — What?

Day or Night Person — He prefer days, mostly because he likes to fly with the birds.

Introvert or Extrovert – Extrovert

Optimist or Pessimist – Optimist

Likes and Styles - He really likes T shirts with funny stuff in them some times he wears cute masks and hats too.

Music — He likes anything. Really. But if you let him pic it's probably Dubstep or Eletronic.

Books — It's hard for him to concentrate on reading, but he heard many stories of brave dragons, specially a Blue one.

Magazines — He loves to sleep on those.

Foods — He eats anything, but he is addicted to sweets. His favorite food ever is pop rocks.

Drinks — Soda, any flavor is cool, but he likes Lemon the most.

Animals — He likes to play with every animals, but finds twice as fun to play with dogs.

Sports — Legend says he is good at Volley.

Social Issues — Sometimes his excitement may come in a bad timing.

Favorite Saying – It's actually a haiku. Roughly it translates to
"Of course you can do
Anything you want to
If you just try."

Color — He likes neon colors and green.

Clothing – he barely uses it, but likes funny tshirts, acessories and cute hats and masks.

Jewelry — He is not allowed near gold or gemstones.

Games — He loves Pacman and The Floor is Jelly.

Websites – He has a Facebook and a Tumblr.

TV Shows – He likes Japanese challenge shows.

Movies — How to Train Your Dragon, Lego Movie, Wreck it Ralph

Greatest Want — He wants a bigger training course for him to fly in.

Greatest Need — New clothes, since he always end up burnign the old ones in excitement.

Actual Residence - in Housevoid, with everyone else.

Home — His bedroom is either a pillow room or a sweets room.

Household furnishings — When in pillow room, it's filled with pillows of various shapes, sizes, and colors, he often builds pillowforts to sleep in.

Favorite Possession — His "Party Animal" T shirt.

Most Cherished Possession — His bone Spork.

Neighborhood — He doesn't care much about his neigbors cause they are always frowny and call him 'weird ass dog'.

Dream Life — He dreams to be the life of the party, making his friends happy.

Love Life — He loves candy with a burning passion.

Hobbies — He likes to play with wild animals, and collect the packages his candy comes in.

Guilty Pleasure — Hugging people when they don't expect.

Talents or Skills — Cheering others, Magic, Fire breathing.

Intelligence Level — He is really intelligent, just isn't used to human culture yet.

Greatest Strength — His bravery

Greatest Weakness — He loses control when really mad.

Biggest Mistakes — thinking Earth was only a nice, fun place with no evil to it.

Biggest Achievements — His flying/magic skills.

Trivia — He can predict a few things, and his magic power potential is absurdly high, which he cannot control perfectly on Earth.