Meet Roxanne!


Name - Roxanne Persephone Mondec
Doll Sculpt - Pullip Catwoman (Pale)
Hair/Eyes - Redhead/Black-Violet
Nicknames - Aliena, Roxy
Age - 15 Venus Years, 8 Earth Years
Origin - Venus colony #134
Species - Human Venusian
Gender - Female
Sexuality - She doesn't understand labels, but she claims to be Pansexual.
Quirks & features - Sees in the dark, can withstand extremely hot temperatures with ease, but drinks 9l of water each day. Can resist in very very polluted areas, but hates it.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Born in Venus, Roxanne is quite new to Earth. Even though coming to Earth is prohibited and very dangerous, she decided to come here and learn more about the roots of humanity and how feelings affect one's life, given that Roxy always felt the need to show her appreciattion to others in the most affectionate ways, and how she thinks a life without cherishing is absurd. Cythereans turn her down so much on how she should be much more reserved and how feelings are dangerous, she began to wonder if she really was wrong in wanting to live a life full of love. Unconformed with such thought, she decided to travel to the only place in the galaxy she knew she would find the awsers.
Barely arriving alive, she landed on a park and met a girl, who was playing with fire. Impressed by how Earth was different from Venus and how 'easier' living was, she spent a whole week stalking the girl in her trecking to a small city. The night before they reached the city, Roxy decided to reveal herself to the girl, whom was much less chocked Roxy though she would be. They both talked all night long and soon realised they could be the best of friends. She talked to her new friend, Chantico about her mission on learning about true love on earth. Her new friend's face turned sad, muttering how she was in the same journey. Roxy beamed up so much she had someone already in the same siuation as her, she hugged Chantico. The young Venusian girl could never expect her new friend and her where about to go on the wildest adventure.

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