Meet Cimon!

Name - Cimon Whitney Finian Drystan
Doll Sculpt - Isul White Rabbit in Steampunk World
Hair/Eyes - Caramel/Pinkish
Nicknames - Cinnamon
Age - 1,2,3,4,5....
Origin - Wonderland
Species - Wonderlandian
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Maybe there but not here
Quirks & features - Super Speed, can make Rabbit Holes to teleport to other destinations in between Earth, Wonderland, and Looking Glass lands, Always late.

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Always a shy boy, a noble born to serve royalty, Cimon learned his family's work, always working for the princess when her company maids weren't there. Born right after the third princess, he soon took a liking to her and became very close friends. Always with the pressure of his father on his shoulders, he fled his duties to "serve" the princess, being by her side always filled him with confidence and determination. Easily he got scolded by her dad for always being late, which made him grow distant from his family, more introverted and dull to society and other people around him. Even if timid and kept to himself, when a friend needed him, he became serious and straight-forward. The coronation day made him beam with glee for his friend, he made her hair into pretty braid buns, and went to meet watch her coronation. In his way, he met his father, who gave him a weapon and told him to do absurd things with his only friend. Cimon told him he would do it, and ran to the princess chambers, shocked to see she was already heading into her ceremony, when he reached her, people thought he rebelled against the overthowing, and went after them both. He grabbed her by the hand just after the crown was put on her head, and a knife was soon following it. They both ran for their lives as he soon realised there was no safe place for them in their homeland, he teleported the two of them to the place where he would look for Alice one day. In there, he hugged his friend, now a Queen of nothing, while she cried his heart out. Cimon knew next to nothing of this world, but he took her hand and made sure they both would live a life full of freedom from that day on.

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