Meet Chantico!

Chantico (6)
Name - Chantico
Doll Sculpt - Pullip Kuhn
Hair/Eyes - Brown/Green
Nicknames - Chan-Chan, Witchy
Age - 19
Origin - Somewhere in Europe
Species - Human Witch
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Questioning
Quirks & features - Fire powers and witchcraft, Energy draining, Love Spells, Creates fire out of thin air.

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Chantico was born in a witch clan, mostly engaged in elemental magic. At a very young age she found out her gift for Fire Magic, and was well liked by her clan as a sweet and energic girl, so full of life and determination.
One time she fell in love with one of the clan's boys, an earth wizard. They spent a lot of time togheter, he inspired her to do even better things and keep studying, and she retributed his support by helping him vent and encouraging him at being himself. Her whole life was this boy, and she didn't have many friends, for they all couldn't keep up with her energy. The day arrived when Chantico decided to talk to him about her feelings and make their union official, she was bursting with happiness like she never felt before. Her sparks were shining so bright when she was walking down to the glade they used to meet. Upon arriving there, her flame snuffled out in a second. He had another girl in his arms. Tears streamed down her face as Chan-chan asked him why he was betraying her. The other girl buried her face in his chest while he said she wasn't as delicate and didn't need him around, how she was too much for anyone to bear, how he found a girl much more worth protecting because she actually needed him and wasn't so independent. His words made her tears be replaced by flames of rage and refusal. She roared his doing wasn't fair and it wasn't right before her hair grew red in flames, her green eyes turned red, her mark and flames burned pink as she charged at him. Her hands burned the love out of his body, fueling her with so much energy her whole aura shifted with red and pink flames. It took the horrorized look on the other girl's face and the empty expression of the boy to make her realise she drained the feelings out of his body. As she stormed away from that place, her flames got quieter inside her, She swore to herself no other man would fake feelings for another girl, and as she turned back to normal, she felt something calling her to far away from her homeland, and she awsered to the call, not knowing it could bring her more than she ever could want from life.

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