Personality: Erisdar (WIP)

Name - Erisdar
Doll Sculpt - [???]
Hair/eyes - Black/Indigo and Brown
Nicknames - Eris, Fae
Age - "24", actually he is 105.
Origin - Canada
Species - Fae
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Demisexual
Quirks & features - Vast knowledge about nature, Talks with animals, Shadow Magic, Flight

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Doll Sculpt Name – Soom The Crow+ Granado Andy head

Full Name – Erisdar

Meaning of Name – Swift

Nickname – Fae, Eris (Only Maxwell calls him: Ravie, Crowie)

Birth Date — 13.01.1907

Astrological Sign and Details — Capricorn: Ambitious, Organized, Sincere | Detached, Self-centered, Stubborn

Birth Place — Alma, Quebec, Canada

Age – 105, fakes being 24

Nationality – Canadian

Race – Fae

Hair Color – Black and Blue

Hair Style — Wavy, with an indigo 'Underdye'

Shape and Features of Face — Big lips, relaxed eyes, dramatic eyebrows, average nose, triangle shaped face, pointy ears.

Glasses or Contacts – Wears protection googles often.

Eye Color – Brown

Skin Tone — Grey

Scars or Distinguishing Marks — Though his skin heals very quickly, he has some darkened spots from how much Max bites him.

Disabilities — None.

Build or Body Type — Slender body, defined muscles, broad shoulders.

Height — 1,65m

Weight — 58kg

Speech Patterns — He is very very polite when talking, and even if you think he isn't listening, he is.

Gestures — Often 'floating', biting lips, playing with fingers, when sitting (and not flying) he scraches the ground with his claws.

Weakness — Beauty Curse, Weak against industral pollution and Iron.

Special Abilities or Powers — Flight, Shadow Magic, extensive knowledge about potion making, including teas, plants, infusions, natural ingredients. Specially good at healing people and animals, studying how to treat mystical creatures as well.Talks to animals.

Family and Childhood - Detached to them a century ago.

Other Close Family – Lived with Maxwell for many years.

Best Friend – Maxwell.

Other Friends – Vivienne, his housemate.

Enemies — The cashier lady at the grocery store.

Pets – He doesn't have pets, but loves birds, even taking care of the birds that leave near his building.

Home Life During Childhood — He spent his youth in a faery circle in Canada, in a cipress forest, taking care of animals and learning about plants more than practicing his magic.

Town or City Name(s) – He lived in a Fae circle known as Rond Lac, in Alma, Canada.

Details of Town(s) or City(s) — Rond Lac had many Forest, Ice and Water faeries, but abranged all kinds of faes.

What Did His Bedroom Look Like — He used to live inside a Rock Maple tree along with other faery families, but his 'bedroom' had many feathers, scales, fallen teeth and claws, given to him by the animals he took care of.

Any Sports or Clubs – Aside from Flying Erisdar doesn't exercise at all.

Favorite Toy or Game – his favorite toy was a boat made of wood and maple leaves.

Schooling – He learnt a lot with his fae comunity, but upon growing older he attended several colleges, mostly studying fauna and flora sciences.

Favorite Subject — Biodiversity

Popular or Loner – He is mostly a Loner, often found in the 'rejects club'.

Important Experiences or Events –

Health Problems – None, even if he isn't stallion strong he isn't feeble or weak either.

Culture — His fae culture is still strong in him, stronger than Canadian culture.

Religion and beliefs – He doesn't fully understands the concept of a religion, as the only thing sacred to him is Nature.

Bad Habits – Forgetting human manners, pranking, being too sensitive, lying.

Good Habits – Being caring, being studious, caring for the world's future.

Best Characteristic – Smart

Worst Characteristic – Sensitive

Worst Memory – When Maxwell broke up with him, when Maxwell turned to a vampire.

Best Memory – Taking Maxwell to a midnight flight above frozen Lake District National Park, England.

Proud of – His Ability to help people with nature.

Embarrassed by – How untrained and weak his magic powers are.

Driving Style – He barely drives, if at all. He isn't good enough to drive near or with people.

Strong Points – Being Smart, being funny, being generous.

Temperament – Calm, until you invade his privacy and force intimacy, such as kissing him without asking, invading his room, etc.

Attitude – Snarky, but friendly.

Fears – Being rejected, hurting innocents.

Phobias – No strong phobia except for a strong despise of pollution.

Secrets — Still madly in love with Maxwell, his secret laboratory.

Regrets — Regrets being attached too much at one person.

Feels Vulnerable When — When the wind is too strong, when he is not able to heal someone.

Pet Peeves — When people invade his privacy, littering, the way humans think they know so much about nature.

Conflicts — He isn't too good at faking humanity, so sometimes people think bad of him.

Motivation — Hopes for a better future where he can help not only wilderness, but other mystical creatures like him.

Short Term Goals and Hopes — Finish this Biomedicin college, find a better place to live with Vivi and maybe Maxwell.

Long Term Goals and Hopes — Reunite or give up on Maxwell, help mystical creatures who need to live in the city.

Sexuality — Demisexual.

Exercise Routine — He does not exercise at all.

Day or Night Person — He can go awake for as long as needed, but he is more of a evening person.

Introvert or Extrovert – Introvert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Pessimist

Likes and Styles - He wears mostly comfortable clothes, and jewelry with stones or feathers on them.

Music — He loves instrumental music, but recently found a band he liked a lot, called Omnia.

Books — He spends a lot of time buried in scientific books, Vivi tried to get him into trying other types of literature, but he just didn't pay too much thought about these.

Magazines — Erisdar only reads those to 'act more human'.

Foods — He prefers Vegan cooking, but it's not a must to him. He eats a lot of cereals, but his comfort food is Pancakes with Maple Syrup.

Drinks — He drinks a lot of juice and tea, despises Soda. He prefers fermented alchoolic drinks to destiled.

Animals — His favorite animals are Owls, but he loves a lot of other animals too.

Sports — While he is not an athlete himself, he finds snow sports fun to watch.

Social Issues — People in the neighborhood find him a weirdo, even if they don't dislike him, they tend to avoid his presence, save for a few nannyes who find him 'quite the handsome boy, has a way with flowers!'

Favorite Saying – Not in MY garden!

Color — Teal, Grey, Brown.

Clothing – Usually seen wearing shorts and tank tops.

Jewelry — He loves copper and brass jewelry, but barely wears any. He never gets near iron, though, as it would burn him.

Games — He doesn't care much about games, but finds racing games fun.

Websites – He has a facebook, but barely uses it.

TV Shows – Erisdar likes rural shows, much to Vivi's dismay.

Movies — He likes Narnia movies, but only watched those with friends.

Greatest Want — More precious stones and crystals.

Greatest Need — More vials and containers for his potions.

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now - Brasil, SP, São Paulo, Paraíso

Home — He shares a penthouse with Vivienne

Household furnishings — Most of the house's furniture is off white, made of wood, for Erisdar's safety.

Favorite Possession — A smoky quartz Maxwell gave him.

Most Cherished Possession — His Grimoire.

Neighborhood — He doesn't see most of his neighborhood, nor does he care much about them, he spends most of his time home.

Married Before — No.

Significant Other Before — Before he and Maxwell had a relationship, Erisdar had a crush on agender fae from his ring.

Children — No.

Relationship with Family — He is very very detached from his family.

Best Friend — Vivi and Dahlia are becoming closer to him.

Other Friends – He is also spending more time with Tatsuya and Zee.

Enemies — The cashier lady at the grocery store always makes fun of him for being weird.

Car — He doesn't have one.

Career — He works in a 'natural' shop, it's the only place to really admit him, given he knows so much about plants.

Salary — He makes enough, but then again he isn't one to shop recklessly.

Other Income — None.

Dream Career — Erisdar has been wondering about writing down his knowledge of fauna and flora.

Dream Life — He plans to do so, with Maxwell.

Love Life — It's pretty much nonexistent now, save for his ever unstable friendship with benefits with Maxwell.

Sexual Turn Ons — Moaning, Cuddling, Intense Staring, Cute Nicknames

Sexual Turn Offs — Being subjulgated, making yourself 'hard to get'

Hobbies — Pranks, Potion Making, Stargazing.

Guilty Pleasure — Trying out aphrodysiacs. On other people.

Talents or Skills — Long Flights, Dynamic reading, Apothecary.

Intelligence Level — Very high

Greatest Strength — Erisdar is very smart.

Greatest Weakness — He is too sensitive.

Past Careers — He almost always worked like that.

Biggest Mistakes — Being too passive-agressive towards Maxwell, often taunting him and being unforgiving, seeing only inside his box.

Biggest Achievements — His knowledge about nature.

Trivia — It's hard to pin down if he is mischievous or nice, for even though he spent around a century with humans, He likes pranking, but he is polite, but he isn't a very open person, so.
His voice sound a lot like in this song:
A Cool Cat in Town (music by TAPE FIVE)
Malinda and him danced a lot of Rockabilly back in the day.

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