Personality: Vivienne (WIP)

Name - Vivienne
Doll Sculpt - Dollchateau Lilian
Hair/eyes - Blonde with colorful streaks/Teal
Nicknames - Vivi, Musey
Age - 19
Origin -  USA
Species -  High Elf
Gender -  Cisgender Female
Sexuality -  Bisexual
Quirks & features - Animal Talk, slight knowledge about witchcraft, has pointy ears, horns, and magical markings around her neck.

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Doll Sculpt Name – Doll Chateau Lilian head + DC Y-body-05 +DC Heels

Full Name – Vivienne Brightwood

Meaning of Name – Lively

Nickname – Vivi, Gaga, Musey

Birth Date —

Astrological Sign and Details — Sagittarius: Generous, Humorous, Friendly | Messy, Inconsistent, Impatient

Birth Place — United States, California, Ventura.

Age – 19

Nationality – United States

Race – High Elf

Hair Color – Originally platinum blonde, but she dies it tons of different colors whenever she likes.

Hair Style — She changes it very often, but it's almost always short, asymmetrical, with different dyed streaks, usually straight.

Shape and Features of Face — Pale eyebrows, strawberry shaped face, small eyes, round nose and thin lips.

Glasses or Contacts – Contacts sometimes, just for fashion.

Eye Color – Teal

Skin Tone — Very pale.

Scars or Distinguishing Marks — pink/salmon freckles on cheeks.

Disabilities — Her four feet don't adjust well in most everyday situations, as well as her horns.

Build or Body Type — Slender, thin, wide hips.

Height — 1,40 m

Weight — 65 kg

Speech Patterns — Says umm a lot, uses a lot of slangs and internet terms, brushes her hand against her horn or on one another. If bored, she plays with her hair. Her hands are usually all over, too.

Tag Words — Geek, Fashionista, Hair modification, Vegan

Gestures — She is constantly waving her hands, doing peace signs for photos, and doing heart shapes for her friends. Other than that, she is very delicate.

Weakness — She is kind of an air-head and sometimes her four feet or horns get her in very awkward situations.

Special Abilities or Powers — She can talk to animals, and has a weird connection with nature in general. She knows when it's gonna rain for real, it's an example.

Family and Childhood - Vivi had a pretty happy childhood, except for her stuggle at school. She spent years concealing herself with magic, but nowadays she isn't too scared of revealing herself. The only reason she does not go centaur all the time is she realises it's not pratical and might be dangerous.

Mother — Donna Jackson Brightwood, a Witch, born in the USA, used magic to protect herself and friends from the never understanding average human eye.

Father – 'Finn' (Finnegan) Hipolito Brightwood, a Horned Centaur. He was born in Canada, but moved to California when still a kid. He and his family run a Vet clinic ever since they came to the USA.

Mother’s Occupation – Witch, Nurse.

Father’s Occupation – Veterinarian Doctor.

Family Finances – Their finances are little above the average. They have enough for the 4 of them.

Birth Order – Donna, Finn, Vivienne, Amos.

Brothers – Amos, her younger brother.

Sisters – None.

Other Close Family – A younger cousin, Ada. She is very fond of everyone in her family, but the one she gets to see the most is her grandma from the mother's side, Angelique.

Best Friend – She had tons of friends everywhere she went, but none of them really close.

Other Friends – She has many internet friends whom she talks to a lot. They do videos, texts, photos and drawings for each other on a weekly basis.

Enemies — Only the haters of her blog.

Pets – She had some pets in her homeland, but where she lives now it's not all that great for pets, so she doesn't put them through that. She is friends of the dogs on the other apartments, though. If she could, she would have a Spitz dog.

Home Life During Childhood — Vivi had loving, but distant parents. She was open to interact and befriend anyone in school, but at that time she didn't have many friends. Once in a while she would get to meet her own kind an other types of creatures, and had a few friends from there too. Even though being very friendly, she was slow to actually be considered friends to someone.

Town or City Name – She lived in Ventura.

Details of Town or City — A coastal city in California. Her life was linked to the sea from the beggining and beaches are her main hangout.

What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like — Her bedroom was sort of big, with little furniture but overdecorated. As she grew older, the more she would decore her bedroom with photos, posters, christmas lights, sticky notes with messages and inspirational phrases, stickers, glitter, and much more. She would draw zebra patterns, stars and other random stuff she thought was cute enough for her walls. She had even some feathers and other simple stuff hanging from the ceiling, but whenever her horns got caught in them, she would move them to somewhere else where hopefully it wouldn't bother her anymore.

Any Sports or Clubs – She once tried cheerleading, but failed, for it could reveal her natural form. So she joined the scrapbook club.

Favorite Toy or Game – She loves her pink overdecorated new 3DS, and she plays Animal Crossing a lot, she admits she is addicted. Other than that, she loves her animal plushies. Her favorite ones are a manatee called Memphis and a Giraffe called Berenice.

Schooling – She is in college now, doing Fashion Design. She decided to join so she could do better and more stylish clothes for her own kind.

Favorite Subject — 2D Visual studies. She loves to come up with new ideas for prints.

Popular or Loner – She is very popular by now. Vivienne has many friends and a few boys trying to get to know her better. Usually she goes to party with them and is very social, but she doesn't give in to the boys, she doesn't want a serious relationship now.

Important Experiences or Events – Everything for her is exciting, but nowadays her tests are the most important thing in her mind. Other than that she is really looking foward to go to the beach asap.

Health Problems – She is Hyperactive, and has a very faint miopia.

Culture — She is American, but she was really influrenced by the Mythical and and Magic aspect of her family. She hides it, though. She tends to separate the worlds just for safety.

Religion and beliefs – She decided not to be Wiccan like her mother, even though she believes in most of the Wiccan beliefs.

Bad Habits – Cursing, forgetting she is in disguise and getting trapped/tripping over things, being easily distracted, overdecorating things, addiction to spamming social media with photos full of stickers and filters, drifting away from people, eating too much candy.

Good Habits – Enjoying herself, enjoying nature, giving make-overs to friends, surfing, gifting friends out of kindness, being caring.

Best Characteristic – Her friendlyness.

Worst Characteristic – Her recklessness.

Worst Memory – When she saw a dog being stoned almost to death.

Best Memory – A day when she dived and swam with dolphins.

Proud of – Her looks, her creations.

Embarrassed by – How people find her to be too random and weird.

Driving Style – She is still taking lessons, she tries to drive very carefully, by relaxing before driving so she can concentrate better on the task.

Strong Points – Kind, Creative, Light-hearted.

Temperament – She is hyperactive and very friendly, but if conflict with one person comes, she tries to solve things by talk. If the conflict persists, she avoids the person at every cost, holding grudges for a while.

Attitude – Bubbly, fun loving, easy to get along, sassy.

Weakness – She better hide her true form, but sometimes when she is sleepy or drunk is really hard to. Other than that, sometimes she neighs while laughing. No one suspects, but her friends find it really funny. Her kind has a quarrel with Griffins, and while she doesn't think of them as negative, some of them don't look at her with good eyes.

Fears – She is really afraid that people don't really like her and lie about liking her, 'cause she is sort of an 'everybody's friend'. Also she is really afraid of serial killers and this sort of creepy pasta rumours.

Phobias – Athazagoraphobia, the fear of being ignored or forgotten. Also she is afraid of breaking her bones or horns, as it would be extremely painful and would be really hard to repair.

Secrets — Her bubblyness is actually a shield she built to protect herself from the negativity of the world. Also, her centaur form is a secret to all of her human friends (won't be a secret to Yuu for long). She has basic magic powers she hid from her mother and family, but her mother kind of suspects it.

Regrets — She regret having drifted away from some people, she also has some mixed feelings about having to hide herself, sometimes she regrets having trust other creatures so much.

Feels Vulnerable When — When her horns get stuck into something and she is afraid of injurying herself or breaking things. Also she hates to be alone in the streets past noon, as Vivi would rather be with friends.

Pet Peeves — She hates people who treats animals bad or spoils them too much it's risky. Other of her pet peeves is how her aunts kept suggesting her to become a witch. She said it should come naturally if it was to happen. Also she hates some taboos of the mythical world, such as the rivalry between Griffins and centaurs/horse like creatures.

Conflicts — She only has conflicts with some haters online, some envyous people at her college and the occasional monster that says she should never reveal herself ever!

Motivation — Her motivation is to make cute, stylish clothes for other mythical creatures, and leave her ideas to the fashion world.

Short Term Goals and Hopes — She wants to get her apartment new decorations, and a sewing machine.

Long Term Goals and Hopes — Vivi wants to have her own line of clothes, maybe join the Wicca, and maybe get a pet and a lover.

Sexuality — Bisexual, but pan-curious, she's still exploring.

Exercise Routine — She doesn't exercise much, except for surfing and going on walks in parks and woods.

Day or Night Person — Viv is a Mornign person, but she actually doesn't mind being awake late at all.

Introvert or Extrovert – Extrovert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Optimist

Likes and Styles - Parties, Photos, Animals, prints, stickers and other cute stuff. She dresses in very fun, modern and cute fashions. She tries out many styles, but her favorite aesthetics are Decora, Scene, and Pastel Goth. (Yes, she does know Pastel Goth is just a visual)

Music — She loves eletronic, pop, some favorites are Vocaloid (IA is her favorite) Panic!At the Disco, Kerli, Melanie Martinez, Marina and the Diamonds and Nightcored music.

Books — She doesn't read much, but she liked Harry Potter, Eragon and Silver String.

Magazines — She has many fashion magazines, even if she doesn't enjoy them all that much.

Foods — She loves candy, but has no trouble eating light food. She loves anything Red Berries flavoured. Her usual meal would be a strawberry and milk drink, a white cheese sandwich.

Drinks — She drinks anything, really. But only when she's with friends. She has a thing for Vodka with gooseberry and Abysinthe. She gets drunk sometimes, but doesn't actually like doing so.

Animals — She has none, but Vivienne wishes she could have a Spitz and a Horse named Baxter.

Sports — She likes surfing and other aquatic sports, but is casual about them, as she isn't athletic.

Social Issues — She unintentionally draws a lot of attention, so she has as many friends as people who envy-hate her, or fake a friendship. Also she sometimes is stalked by the occasional creppy dude.

Favorite Saying – Glitter is Better.

Color — She never decides on colors, so she random picks it. But most of her stuff has either pastel or vibrant colors.

Clothing – She likes to wear Scene, Decora and Pastel Goth styles. She loves creepy hair bling, cute sweaters or funny stamps tshirts, and frilly skirts or leggings. Most of her centaur clothes is frilly, though.

Jewelry — She is thinking about getting piercings, but nowadays she uses necklaces and bracelets mostly, and sometimes thin chains.

Games — She likes Animal Crossing, and other cute games like Splatoon.

Websites – She has a personal tumblr, a Instagram for her photos and Fashion stuff, and a Facebook. She uses skype only to talk to her family and friends back in the USA.

TV Shows – Vivi likes a few cartoons, like My Little Pony, Steven Universe, Sakura Card Captors. Her human friends shown her series, but she just didn't get their appeal.

Movies — She loves Ponyo a lot. Viv likes to watch movies when she is bored or wants to relax.

Greatest Want — She wants a pair of Creepers, as well as new clothes. As she says, she never has enough clothes. She also could use new plushies, her old ones are battered and spliting at the seams.

Greatest Need — She needs new furniture for her new penthouse. Also, she is running out of hairdye and hair extensions.

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now - She lives in Brasil, SP, São Paulo, Paraíso. Right next to the campus.

Home — Vivienne lives in a penthouse with Erisdar.

Household furnishings — Most of is is white or cream colored, and she hates this color but says nothing, as most of them Erisdar bought.

Favorite Possession — She loves her Rarity tiny figure, she carries it in her pocket for extra confidence.

Most Cherished Possession — A pentagram given to her by her mom. Dahlia and her friends made a chain with sparkly teal shells for it, she wears it in her neck very happily.

Neighborhood — Her neighbors are kind to her, and she is kind to them too. Some of them are students just like her. She always lends a hand to take care of animals of her neighbors.

Town or City Name — São Paulo

Details of Town or City — It's the main comercial center of Brazil, it has many streets and malls dedicated to fashion, and many green areas, as well as good beaches for surfing.

Married Before — No.

Significant Other Before — She had a boyfriend once, when she was fourteen, but it didn't last a year. Also, she had a girlfriend before, it last almost three years, but they fell apart for the other girl had to move away. She sometimes misses her past lovers, and sometimes she feels lonely, but she knows this isn't time for a serious relationship.

Children — No.

Relationship with Family — She loves her family, but isn't very close to it, except for a few cousins and her Granny.

Best Friend — Her BFF is Dahlia. They met when Dahlia's family visited the US; both are almost sisters to each other now, and this is one of the friendships Vivi did never drift away from.

Other Friends – She met Erisdar throught the internet, looking for a place to live, they met in a site where mythical creatures help each other find a place to live.

Enemies — She hates a girl in her class called Giovanna. The both of them argued once and couldn't come to an agreement. But it's barely something noteworthy, they simply just avoid interaction.

Car — She doesn't drive yet.

Pets — None.

Salary — Her family is financing her.

Other Income — She sells handmade tshirts on etsy.

Dream Career — Plans on making a career out of Fashion for Mythical creatures.

Dream Life — Vivi wants to have a nice house by the sea where she can be in touch with nature, just selling her clothes.

Love Life — She may even go out on dates that are super nice to her, but she is honest and from the start she states she doesn't want anything serious.

Sexual Turn Ons — She likes it when people scratch behind her horns, kiss her neck, and put their arms on her waist or run their fingers through her back.

Sexual Turn Offs — She doesn't like slaps, doesn't like when people pinch her boobs or butt, dislikes people that pull her horns, hates people that try and mount on her, belly-rubs.

Hobbies — Scrapbook, Taking Purikura-like pictures.

Guilty Pleasure — Eating grass, hitting annoying people with her horns when they're tangible yet invisible.

Sports or Clubs — Scrapbook club.

Talents or Skills — She likes to make sharpie illustrations (the ones she uses on the Tees she sells), and likes scrapbook-patchwork stuff.

Intelligence Level — She is above average, but a little air-headed.

Greatest Strength — Her Kind, light heart.

Greatest Weakness — Her clumsyness.

Biggest Mistakes — Her biggest mistake was wandering off to a 'deserted' beach in her natural form, to go swimming on a river. Someone saw her, took pictures and almost caught up to her.

Biggest Achievements — Her style.

Trivia — She did have a crush on Yuu at one time, they tried something but decided to remain friends.
Vivienne gets furious when people treat her bad just because she is young.

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