Personality: Tatsuya (WIP)

Name - Tatsuya
Doll Sculpt - Aileen Doll Dragon
Hair/eyes - None/Green
Nicknames - Roary, Lucky
Age - Malinda says he is a teen dragon like her.
Origin - Space
Species - Dragon
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Asexual
Quirks & features - Lucky Aura, Fire Breather, Dimension Jumping

 ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦✖️ ♦ ✖️ ♦

Doll Sculpt Name – Aileen Doll Dragon

Full Name –  Tatsuya Amyre

Meaning of Name – Dragon Assertive, Devotion

Nickname – Roary, Lucky, (Max calls him Grapes)

Birth Date — Unknown, as his calendar is not human.

Astrological Sign and Details — Aries: Brave, Intelligent, Adventurous | Ego, Vindictive, Trouble-maker.

Birth Place — It's in another dimension, so it's nothing he could compare to a human place.

Age – He guaranteees he is older than the earth, but he is only a teen dragon.

Nationality – N/A.

Race – Dragon.

Hair Color – None.

Hair Style — None.

Shape and Features of Face — Reptilian, with big eyes, small nose and a pair of horns.

Glasses or Contacts – Needs none, but everyone says he looks adorable with Glasses.

Eye Color – Leaf Green.

Skin Tone — Purple.

Scars or Distinguishing Marks — A few protuberant scales.

Disabilities — None, except for not being to talk in any other way aside from telepathy.

Build or Body Type — Chubby and small.

Height — 43cm

Weight — 7kg

Speech Patterns — His 'voice' is actually really deep, like Morgan Freeman's. He talks very assertively, in a very positive and inspiring way, but rarely 'talks'. With his mouth he can only roar and do cat like sounds.

Gestures — He often moves his claws while 'talking', flickering his wings, wiggling his tail and tilting his head to react.

Weakness — He is a candy addict. Also it's really difficult for him to keep his actual size on Earth.

Special Abilities or Powers — Fire breathing, Magic spells, mind reading, Dimension jumping.

Family and Childhood - He is part the higher ranks of a dragon clan, he proudly says.

Mother — He claims her name to be Yvisthry

Father – He claims his name to be Morcrax

Best Friend – His BFF is Jade, but he is really close to Malinda too.

Other Friends – He is friends with a lot of animals, also he is friends with Yuu, Vivi, Max, Eris and Dahlia.

Enemies — No real enemies, he is really easy going even if he likes to fight he never really does it.

Pets – He has an acorn he calls Ziggy.

Favorite Toy or Game – He loooves training courses for dogs, he says those are so easy but exciting! Also he loves balls and laser pointers.

Schooling – He studied magic for most of his life, and has his skills really on point. He is studying a little about Earth with Vivi, Yuu and Max.

Favorite Subject — He likes to know about earth's animals and cultures.

Popular or Loner – He wouldn't be a loner in any way.

Important Experiences or Events – When he tricked farmers into thinking a field was already in flames when they were going to burn it.

Health Problems – None, but somehow he chokes often.

Culture — He knows a bit about Earth, his own culture makes zero sense even to Malinda.

Religion and beliefs – Weirdly enough, he worships Tiamat, just like Malinda.

Bad Habits – Eating too much candy, rocket flying around the house, then passing out in the sink.

Good Habits – Cheering everyone in need, listening to people and encouraging them.

Best Characteristic – He is supportive.

Worst Characteristic – He is overexcited about things.

Worst Memory – When he saw two boys pour boiling pitch in a kitten. He can't forget about it, even if the kitten managed to survive, he got so mad with rage the ripped both boys apart in the blink of an eye. Also, when he couldn't help cheering up a person about to end their suffering.

Best Memory – When he chased a bee and foudn out their honey.

Proud of – How strong his fire and his magic is.

Embarrassed by – How tiny, cute and chubby he is.

Driving Style – He doesn't drive, even though he knows how to.

Strong Points – His eagerness to live.

Temperament – He is really excited about anything, only gets mad at needlessly evil people.

Attitude – He is the "can-do" king, you can be the mopeyest person, he will lift you up to believe you can do anything, even if for a little time.

Fears – He claims not to be afraid of anything, but somethings envolving abuse of dark magic powers back at his dimension is probably the only thing to shake him off his feet.

Phobias – He has no phobias, he might just get startled by shadows, but isn't really afraid of anything.

Secrets — He likes to gnaw on people's hair when they are asleep and sleep curled next to them, but he wouldn't be caught dead doing either.

Regrets — He doesn't regret much, except maybe for not having met his friends sooner, and not being stron enough to deal with his past problems.

Feels Vulnerable When — When he can't help making peope happy. Specially if they are about to do something abrupt.

Pet Peeves — People who pick him by the tail, people who mess with his wings.

Conflicts — Some people dislike his "happy go lucky" attitude, but he can't hel being this way.

Motivation — He really likes his friends now. He hopes they will always be friends and he will always be able to make them smile.

Short Term Goals and Hopes — Eat all the candy in his room in the Housevoid....but everytime he eats it always seems likethere is more when he comes back?

Long Term Goals and Hopes — He hopes to keep everyone togheter through the things he feels are coming their way.

Sexuality — Asexual.

Exercise Routine — What?

Day or Night Person — He prefer days, mostly because he likes to fly with the birds.

Introvert or Extrovert – Extrovert

Optimist or Pessimist – Optimist

Likes and Styles - He really likes T shirts with funny stuff in them some times he wears cute masks and hats too.

Music — He likes anything. Really. But if you let him pic it's probably Dubstep or Eletronic.

Books — It's hard for him to concentrate on reading, but he heard many stories of brave dragons, specially a Blue one.

Magazines — He loves to sleep on those.

Foods — He eats anything, but he is addicted to sweets. His favorite food ever is pop rocks.

Drinks — Soda, any flavor is cool, but he likes Lemon the most.

Animals — He likes to play with every animals, but finds twice as fun to play with dogs.

Sports — Legend says he is good at Volley.

Social Issues — Sometimes his excitement may come in a bad timing.

Favorite Saying – It's actually a haiku. Roughly it translates to
"Of course you can do
Anything you want to
If you just try."

Color — He likes neon colors and green.

Clothing – he barely uses it, but likes funny tshirts, acessories and cute hats and masks.

Jewelry — He is not allowed near gold or gemstones.

Games — He loves Pacman and The Floor is Jelly.

Websites – He has a Facebook and a Tumblr.

TV Shows – He likes Japanese challenge shows.

Movies — How to Train Your Dragon, Lego Movie, Wreck it Ralph

Greatest Want — He wants a bigger training course for him to fly in.

Greatest Need — New clothes, since he always end up burnign the old ones in excitement.

Actual Residence - in Housevoid, with everyone else.

Home — His bedroom is either a pillow room or a sweets room.

Household furnishings — When in pillow room, it's filled with pillows of various shapes, sizes, and colors, he often builds pillowforts to sleep in.

Favorite Possession — His "Party Animal" T shirt.

Most Cherished Possession — His bone Spork.

Neighborhood — He doesn't care much about his neigbors cause they are always frowny and call him 'weird ass dog'.

Dream Life — He dreams to be the life of the party, making his friends happy.

Love Life — He loves candy with a burning passion.

Hobbies — He likes to play with wild animals, and collect the packages his candy comes in.

Guilty Pleasure — Hugging people when they don't expect.

Talents or Skills — Cheering others, Magic, Fire breathing.

Intelligence Level — He is really intelligent, just isn't used to human culture yet.

Greatest Strength — His bravery

Greatest Weakness — He loses control when really mad.

Biggest Mistakes — thinking Earth was only a nice, fun place with no evil to it.

Biggest Achievements — His flying/magic skills.

Trivia — He can predict a few things, and his magic power potential is absurdly high, which he cannot control perfectly on Earth.

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