Personality: Malinda (WIP)

Name - Malinda
Doll Sculpt - Eluts Rumi + Aileen doll hybrid
Hair/eyes - Pink and blue/ Blue and Pink
Nicknames - Diva, Linda
Age - 2002
Origin - Minas Gerais, Brazil
Species - Sky Dragon
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Lesbian
Quirks & features - Singer, sky magic, fire breath, energy bender.

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Doll Sculpt Name – Eluts Zuzu Delf Rumi, with Aileendoll wings and tail.

Full Name – Malinda Aosa

Meaning of Name – Sweet Serpent, Celestial

Nickname – Linda, Diva, Queenie.

Birth Date — Undefined, but she claims her birthday to be May, 30th.

Astrological Sign and Details — Gemini: Compassionate, Clever, Energetic | Restless, Instictive, Iron willed.

Birth Place — Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Age – She claims being around 2002 years old.

Nationality – Brazilian

Race – Sky Dragon

Hair Color – She can change her hair color, but loves pink, blue and navy blue.

Hair Style — Often uses victory rolls and vintage curls.

Shape and Features of Face — She has a square face, big sleepy eyes, pointy teeth, pointy and droopy ears, a very small round nose, and small tri-pointed horns.

Glasses or Contacts – She wears sunglasses often, but doesn't need glasses or contacts to see.

Eye Color – Left one is pink, right one is blue.

Skin Tone — Very pale violet.

Scars or Distinguishing Marks — She denies it, but she has scars in her scalp, from being cut with a broken bottle.

Disabilities — None.

Build or Body Type — Tiny and chubby, with a almost flat chest.

Height — 54cm

Weight — 8kg

Speech Patterns — Talks very politely and warly to friends, sassy towards Max and some male friend of hers. Very graceful and even melodicly.

Gestures — She speaks with her hands a lot, making delicate gestures, often touching people in their hands or shoulders tenderly, looking them in the eyes to talk.

Weakness — Malinda can't help herself, she loves to be the star, loves to party, to sing, and loses focus easily when she can be doing something to turn all eyes on her.

Special Abilities or Powers — Singer, sky magic, fire breath, energy bender, good resistence.

Family and Childhood - She is part of a Dragon clan, but doesn't say much if at all about it, she says  "it's better not to know her private lady business. Also, dragons can be shy and dangerous, so I mean it."

Enemies — Men trying to make a mess of her bar.

Pets – She takes car of stray animals, and even has a couple of cats and dogs living in the backstage of the bar.

What Did His Bedroom Look Like — Her bedroom is something out of a fairy tale, with a round dossel bed, a big Vanity, all decorated by photos of her performances, and her friends.

Any Sports or Clubs – She adores dancing and singing, and even tried gymnastics and acrobatics, as she lives with a circus for a decade.

Favorite Toy or Game – She loves Karaoke and Hoola hoops.

Schooling – She doesn't quite look like it, but she did a lot of studying.

Favorite Subject — She specially good at Physics.

Popular or Loner – Linda often says the is too popular for her own good.

Important Experiences or Events – When she sung "James Ballroom" in her bar for the first time, when she met Parov Stelar and DSO, when she met Maxwell (and eventually, Erisdar.)

Health Problems – She faints often, but it's just for show.

Culture — Her culture is really mixed.

Religion and beliefs – She believes in Tiamat.

Bad Habits – Not admitting things to herself, being dramatic.

Good Habits – Helping others, being resourceful.

Best Characteristic – How protective she is.

Worst Characteristic – How stron-willed she is.

Worst Memory – The day she got her scars. It was her first day managing the bar's enternainment, unluckly, it was also a time where people were really angry due to a defeat in soccer. A fight broke out at the bar, when she tried to reason with them they smashed a bottle of booze in her head and burned the place down. But before that, Max was drinking there too, he picked up her tiny unconscious body and saved her from being consumed by the flames.

Best Memory – When Malinda, Max and Erisdar went on a Roller Skate Club.

Proud of – Her voice, her looks, her wings.

Embarrassed by – She is embarrassed by people flirting heavily with her.

Driving Style – She can't really drive, even if her human form she is too short to do so.

Strong Points – Her determination, Her performing skills, her magic powers.

Temperament – It's a sweetheart kind of girl until you get too drunk. Then she will rule you over into being sober again.

Attitude – Very caring, friendly and thoughtful, always ready to celebrate good times. Sassy with closer friends, and turns into a very strict bossy person when her friends get drunk.

Fears – She really dislikes smoke, due to the day she almost got burned alive. Aside from that she hates insects, like worms and spiders. She claims to hate the way they move.

Phobias – She got a lot braver over the time, but she is afraid of mobs and supernatural evil forces. She can feel those sometimes, but never had any incident with them. Also she takes good care of her wings as she wouldn't think of a life unable to fly.

Secrets — She did have a little crush on Max for saving her, but realised their relationship is more intimate than that. They're such BFFs they don't need to be in love, is what she feels. Also she is really insecure about not being good enough, but as soon as she thinks about that she remebers how good it feels to perform, so she kicks away such feelings.

Regrets — Sometimes she regrets clinging to bars to perform in, but she just can't come up with a better idea.

Feels Vulnerable When — She only feels vulnerable when she thinks someone saw past her her human disguise, as she is a lot more inclined to use any means, even magic to control crowds and protect herself and friends.

Pet Peeves — She hates harassers more than any knid of drunkard. Whenever she sees a guy making a girl uncomfortable she kicks him out, making sure to roast his buns while she is at it.

Conflicts — Sometimes she thinks she is risking her life for a foolish passion, but she can't help keep the same path while keeping her struggles bottled.

Motivation — Her motivation to keep her act up is for the fun of it. Fun for her customers and fun for herself.

Short Term Goals and Hopes — She wants new dresses and new songs to dance to.

Long Term Goals and Hopes — A remake on her bar, a new place to live, going back into having adventures with Max and her new friends, getting to know Tatsuya better, marrying.

Sexuality — Lesbian.

Exercise Routine — She has a basic stretching, warming up and dancing routine.

Day or Night Person — Despite her work, she is more of a day person.

Introvert or Extrovert – Extrovert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Optimist

Likes and Styles - She adores vintage '50 and '60 style, it's all she wears.

Music — She loooves Swing, EletroSwing, Jazz and Rockabilly. Her favorites are Parov Stelar, Diablo Swing Orchestra and Cissie Redgwick.

Books — She read a lot of books when younger, but lately she claims she isn't ready nearly enough.

Magazines — She thinks human magazines are hilarious.

Foods — She adores pão de queijo and goiabada.

Drinks — She drinks coffee every single day, she prefers black, but drinks it any way.

Animals — Linda takes care of stray animals, but has none for her own company.

Sports — She isn't very sporty, even though she likes to watch olympics at home.

Social Issues — Some women think she is a whore, and avoid her at all costs, making very nasty rumours.

Favorite Saying – "Hold your ground,
We're safe and sound" - Safe And Sound by Capital Cities

Color — Linda loves Pink, Red and Navy blue.

Clothing – She wears a lot of A line Dresses, mostly with polka dots on them. Also other vintage attire.

Jewelry — She likes pearls mostly, but wears her lucky Sapphire pendant sometimes.

Games — She really likes dress up games.

Websites – She has a facebook and a patreon.

TV Shows – She watched tv, but never really pays attention to it.

Movies — She shares with Dahlia a love for Moulin Rouge, but she also adores Chicago.

Greatest Want — A Dress made of Sapphires.

Greatest Need — A new job, a new microphone.

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now - She alternates between sleeping at the bar's upper floor and the Housevoid owned by Yuu.

Home — Her bedroom is something out of a fairy tale, with a round dossel bed, a big Vanity, all decorated by photos of her performances, and her friends, even if very tiny.

Household furnishings — Her bedroom by the housevoid is disguised as a big stage, but behind the curtains it's actually a very cozy pink room with a fluffy carpet, a Vanity big enough for a human, and such.

Favorite Possession — A totem inspired on her, made with Black Gold.

Most Cherished Possession — Her microfone.

Neighborhood — Her neigboors are abandoned casinos, so she barely knows anyone in her street.

Married Before — She had romantic relationships before, but never 'married' or anything.

Significant Other Before — She refuses to say anything about her significant others of the past.

Children — None, she is too young to have eggs.

Relationship with Family — Malinda talks nothing about her Dragon clan, but she seems pretty happy with them.

Best Friend — Her best friend is Maxwell, she puts him in a tier a bit higher than he actually deserves.

Other Friends – She got close to Erisdar by hanging with Max, she is very good friends with Tatsuya, and she really cares about Yuu, 'cause she think he often throws himself at more trouble than it's worth fighting for.

Enemies — Just a few drunkards that have been banned from her bar.

Car — She can't drive.

Career — She always been a performer, it's her passion.

Salary — She says it's 'enough', but she actually has to use her magic not to struggle too much.

Other Income — She sells her songs on Pantreon.

Dream Career — She dreamed of many places, like Broadway, but she doesn't quite believe in such dreams anymore.

Dream Life — She dreams in living in a place with more green, and where people acually cared about seeing her perform and she wasn't so alone.

Love Life — She doesn't like to talk about it, 'cause I miss my past lovers, it's all', she says.

Sexual Turn Ons — Biting, being romantic, being fun-loving, appreciating her skills.

Sexual Turn Offs — Being rude, being stinky, subjulgating her.

Hobbies — She likes crocheting and horse riding.

Guilty Pleasure — Dancing Naked, faking alchool in peoples drinks and seeing them being 'fake drunks'.

Talents or Skills — Malinda is a mildly skilled Barista, very skilled Singer and dancer, sky magic (she can make clouds, wind, interact wih sunlight and moonshine and stars), fire breather, energy bender (She can create objects with pure energy, or amplify the electricity in some eletronics, by moving energy around.)

Intelligence Level — She is very intelligent, specially she has quite a way with words and language.

Greatest Strength — Her magic, her responsiveness, her voice.

Greatest Weakness — Not admiting her troubles, Caring for others more than caring for herself, being in a toxic environment and not knowing how to get out of it.

Your Character’s Life Before Your Story - She lives traveling around the Americas, in a pattern on staying a decade in her birthplace, and another wandering about. Usually she travelled with circuses.

Past Careers — She has always been a performer, but she performed as Singer, Dancer, Fire-breather, Equilibrist in various ways, but mostly in a horse.

Biggest Mistakes — Trusting humans too much, believing in the wrong bet.

Biggest Achievements — Her Magic skills, her performer skills.

Trivia — She and Maxwell danced a lot to Black Cat Zoot's Dirty Dance.
She would really like a lover by now.
She is the biggest fan of Buster Keaton, the stuntman.
A "bad situation" song for her is Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom - COCO.
A "good situation" song for her is The Electric Swing Circus – Swingamajig

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