Personality: Merin (WIP)

Name - Merin K. Greenleaf
Doll Sculpt - Doll Chateau Ada
Hair/Eyes - Golden/Blue
Nicknames - Merry, Lady Merry The Goldiewire
Age - 12
Origin - Finland
Species - Horned Centaur
Gender - Female
Sexuality - (Discovering)
Quirks & features - Talks to animals, is a prodigy on electric engineering.

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Doll Sculpt Name – Doll Chateau Ada

Full Name – Merin Kennedy Greenleaf

Meaning of Name – Mistress, Helmet, Green Leaf

Nickname – Merry, Lady Merry The Goldiewire

Birth Date – 31.07.2003

Astrological Sign and Details – Leo: Passionate, Inteligent, Reasonable | Overconfident, Messy, Ego

Birth Place – Hellsinki, Finland

Age – 12

Nationality – Finnish

Race – Horned Centaur

Hair Color – Golden Blonde

Hair Style – Pixie with Hime Cut bangs

Shape and Features of Face – Square face, big angulated eyes, cat lips and a cute little nose.

Glasses or Contacts – Needs none, but often uses protection googles

Eye Color – Indigo Blue

Skin Tone – Pale yellowish

Scars or Distinguishing Marks – A brownish-black dot under her left eye

Disabilities – None

Build or Body Type – Tiny and skinny, with slightly wide hips.

Height – 1m

Weight – 40 kg

Speech Patterns – She talks really clearly but fast, often using the scientific terms for things, confusing people around her. But she is very pacient in explaining herself.

Gestures – She it's always fast pacing, with her hands working and re-enacting what she says. Often she will touch the hand of whom she wants to speak to.

Weakness – Merin is really really messy, which often delays her work, and she's too arrogant to admit her flaws.

Special Abilities or Powers – She is fantastically inteligent and usually, thinks with reason rather than feeling. She is passionate about electricity and creates or fixes electric devices with ease. She also talks to animals, loves taking care of bees.

Family and Childhood –

Mother –

Father –

Mother’s Occupation –

Father’s Occupation –

Family Finances –

Birth Order – Mother, Father, Deniz and  Merin

Brothers – Deniz

Sisters – None.

Other Close Family – Her Grandma

Best Friend – Jade and her brother, Deniz

Other Friends – Tatsuya and the other peopel living on VoidValley.

Enemies – The bullies that keep picking on her brother and messing with her too.

Pets – Her family has 2 cats (Nina and Urso) and one dog (Daisy), all saved from street.

Favorite Toy or Game – She has a tiny wind up toy, it's yellow and it dances.

Schooling – Merin is in 6th grade, despite being an inventor, electronic genius, she is still not all that informed in other subjects.

Favorite Subject – Phisics.

Popular or Loner – She is very polite to everyone, and some kids look up to her, but she often feels distant from others.

Important Experiences or Events – When she built her beebot friend, a robot made of gold, copper and steel, whom helps her like a JARVIS computer. When a bald blue cat girl met her in the street, and when she built a portal based on her friend's power, and when she was comissioned Faramita, and used the desing of an old imaginary friend of her.

Health Problems – Hyperactivity gives her few, troubled sleep hours.

Bad Habits – Being messy, over achieving

Good Habits – Working hard, fixing things.

Best Characteristic – Generosity and passion to her friends.

Worst Characteristic – Overconfidence in people's kindness.

Worst Memory – On the day the bullies destroyed the gift her brother was making to their mom, she was going out to buy copper wires. She yelled at them to try and draw attention so someone would come to help, but as her grandma was asleep, no one came. One of the bullies punched her right in the face, and as she fainted, one of them left her in a garbage can, blocks and blocks away from their house. She never told anyone (except now for Jade) what happened, but she still regrets not being able to handle the situation on her own.

Best Memory – When she showed Beebot to Jade, and they both played games and had milkshakes in a park.

Proud of – Her works.

Embarrassed by – When people treat her like the is doing something wrong for being a smart kid.

Driving Style – She doesn't drive yet, but rides bicicles like a bolt, a very controlled one, in that.

Strong Points – Her elegance, her intellect, her generosity and passion about life.

Temperament – She is often too quick thinking to pay attention to senseless destructive criticism, but she is quick to get mad at the right things.

Attitude – She is really elegant and ladylike, even if she speaks really fast. She is delicate and feminine.

Weakness – Merin really doesn't think being sligtly electrocuded is all that bad, even if easily avoidable. Also, sometimes she thinks she is not powerful enough to deal with things all alone.

Fears – She is afraid of the dark, and afraid of drowning.

Phobias – Nyctophobia, fear of the dark.

Secrets – She is really really vain, but tries to keep on a humble façade.

Regrets – Sometimes she regrets being so good at what she is, bc she feels distant from kids her age.

Feels Vulnerable When – When smarts can't solve the problem.

Pet Peeves – Blackouts.

Conflicts – Sometimes she wants people to stop putting her on a higher step than other kids, but she likes recognition.

Motivation – Helping others and learning more about electricity.

Short Term Goals and Hopes – Upgrading Beebot, Getting to know Tatsuya and Dahlia more, meeting Steam Powered Giraffe

Long Term Goals and Hopes – Become a well known Inventor and Electric Engineer, and never stop building extraordinaire things, adding more bizarre words to her already extent vocabulary.

Sexuality – She is pretty much clueless about that, she never really had a crush on anyone.

Exercise Routine – She likes dancing and going for walks, sometimes she rides a bike to go buy candy with her Big Bro.

Day or Night Person – Merin's sleep pattern is so flawed she isn't even sure anymore.

Introvert or Extrovert – She is and Extrovert, but her reputation proceeds her in such a way, it's hard for her to socialize.

Optimist or Pessimist – Optimist

Music – She really like K-Pop and the way they dance, but often listen to Steampunk bands.

Books – She loves too many books, but her favorite has to be Silver and Golda by Dan Drake

Magazines – She never really reads those

Foods – She loves apple pie and Brocolis with dressings.

Drinks – Energy drinks a little bit too much, so she is often drinking Camomile tea to calm down and sleep.

Animals – She loves bees more than any other animal.

Sports – She isn't a fan of sports, but thinks Ice Skating is really pretty!

Social Issues – Adults really talk so much about her, like her being a genius is all that is about her. This makes difficult for her to socialize with kids, that don't treat her like another normal kid.

Favorite Saying – If tea can't solve it, then it's a big problem.

Color – She loves beige, golden, lilac, and other chocolate liike colors.

Clothing – She dresses steampunk in every occasion she gets.

Jewelry – She loves wearing golden bracelets, chains, and epaulettes.

Games – She loves Uno, and gears and zapper puzzles.

Websites – She has a tumblr and facebook only.

TV Shows – Merin adores My Little Pony.

Movies – Atlantis, Radio Rebel, Monster High, Ever After High, O Gigante de Aço

Greatest Want – She wants a new torch, but her parents thinks it's too dangerous.

Greatest Need – She need to go out more, and make real friends.

Actual Residence - She built a teletransporter based on her friend, Jade's powers. So in daylight on Finland she lives with her family, but all the time she has free of her family attention, she and her brother go to Valley, to meet Jade and her other new friends.

Room — Despite having a net on it, her room is a Electric Engineering Laboratory.

Household furnishings — Merin's furniture is a mix of rustic and vintage, with lots of copper and other metals.

Favorite Possession – Beebot, and her googles.

Most Cherished Possession – The gear epaulette his brother sewn and emboidred for her.

Career – She has many people looking out for her, eager to to claim her as a prized apprentice, but she is unsure about where to go once she finishes elementary school.

Salary – She has a nice allowance from her parents, and whatever she finds in the scrapyard.

Other Income – Sometimes she fixes things for the neighbors.

Dream Career – She likes to fix things for people, but she wants to have a better lab

Dream Life – She really wants to make her dream machines in her steampunk wonderdream come true.

Love Life – Inexistent yet. She is very oblivious to anyone who might have a crush on her, and never had crushes on anyone yet.

Hobbies – Steampunk Conferences, which she attends to with her brother.

Guilty Pleasure – Creating stactic to make people's hair raise.

Talents or Skills – Aside from being good with electronics, she really likes singing.

Intelligence Level – Really high, but very low sociably skills.

Greatest Strength – Her generosity

Greatest Weakness – Her social awkwardness

Health Problems – None aside from her wrecked sleep pattern

Biggest Mistakes – Hunting too eagerly for Steam Punk Girls photos....and finding ones where they aren't really clothed.

Biggest Achievements – Beebot's AI. So friendly. Much Polite. Such Bee, lovely robot.

Trivia – Merin's favorite song is Clockwork Vaudeville.

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