Personality: Raz (WIP)

Name - Raz Astarot
Doll Sculpt - Doll Chateau Kevin
Hair/Eyes - White/Red
Nicknames - Raza, Razzle
Age - 2000
Origin - Noreply
Species - Fallen Angel (Demon)
Gender - Genderless
Sexuality - Pansexual
Quirks & features - Flight, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Casts simple blessings/curses, Portal opening.

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Doll Sculpt Name – Doll Chateau Kevin

Full Name – Raz Astarot

Meaning of Name – Secret, In demonology, this is the name of a Prince of Hell, meaning "leading
one" or "the chief." He is depicted in the Dictionnaire Infernal as a nude man with dragon-likewings,
hands and feet, a second pair of feathered wings, and a crown. He is holding a serpent in one hand while riding a wolf-like beast.

Nickname – Raza, Razzle Dazzle

Birth Date – Has no 'birthdate', but came to earth on 17.01.1700

Astrological Sign and Details – Serpentarian : Instinctive, Clever, Curious | Melancholic, Critical, Self assured

Birth Place – Noreply, Katsuki Province, Highgrounds Crimson.

Age – Around 4300 earth years.

Nationality – Katsukian.

Race – Demon

Hair Color – Red

Hair Style – Dreads, usually pulled back.

Shape and Features of Face – Overly thin, strong cheeek and jawbones, straight nose, frowny lips, big eyes, always worried expression and straight eyebrows.

Glasses or Contacts – Needs none.

Eye Color – White.

Skin Tone –

Scars or Distinguishing Marks – Several tattoos across his body.

Disabilities – Allergic to several earthly plants and animals.

Build or Body Type – Slender, unhealthly thin, flexible

Height – 1,75 m

Weight – 50 kg

Speech Patterns – Speaks loudly and clearly, as if announcing something, often using words more elaborate than needed.

Gestures – Often touching himself, his clothes, his hair, his face, while speaking. Touches other's peoples shoulders to talk to them once they have a connection. Never touches objects before asking about them, often hiding arms in his cape.

Weakness – Some insects and poisonous plants, parasites.

Special Abilities or Powers –Flight, Telekinesis, Telepathy, casts simple blessings/curses, opens portals between earth and Noreply with ease.

Family and Childhood –

Mother –

Father –

Mother’s Occupation –

Father’s Occupation –

Family Finances – His family's wealth are often unbalanced, going from wealthy to poor and back really fast.

Birth Order –

Brothers –

Sisters –

Other Close Family –

Best Friend – His nowadays best friend is Dahlia. She shows him how important love is when he is down.

Other Friends – He was friends with Lorenzo before he moved away to live with Trianna.

Enemies – Not fond of Varversians, and dislikes insects with a burning hate.

Pets – Had a Dracominion to keep him company back at Noreply. It was called Fyrp.

Home Life During Childhood – Lived an okay life often being made fun of for being clumsy, what made him be self aware yet overconfident, often critiquem others. Had very few close friends, some of them left him behind as their life changed.

Town or City Name – Highergrounds Crimson

Details of Town or City – One of the Highest plateaus of the city, living really close to royalty, Raz lived in a beautiful neighborhood, filled with plants and ghosts.

What Did Their Bedroom Look Like – His room has a giant mirror screen he uses as a computer, to connect with friends, record spell experiments, and checks world wide experiment. He sleeps in a stone slab, and has a magma bucket for his Dracominion to rest. A huuuge table and bookcase with his experiments, some a little burnt.

Any Sports or Clubs – He likes flying, but is far too feeble to race.

Favorite Toy or Game – Trampolines.

Schooling – He is very skilled in magic and very independent, but he took basic knowledge pills.

Favorite Subject – Raz likes studying living things, blessings and curses.

Popular or Loner – Very Loner.

Important Experiences or Events – 

Health Problems – None, he is just weak.

Culture – He is a Katsukian, meaning he is usually creppy, but very reserved and refined.

Religion and beliefs – He bows looks up to Demétrio as a King and role model on spellcasting, and praises Skullfricai as his god.

Bad Habits – Resenting stuff and not working on it, forgetting doors and windows opened, forgetting things connected.

Good Habits – Helping people out, hardworking, Knowledge seeking, flexible.

Best Characteristic – His Instincts

Worst Characteristic – His resentfulness

Worst Memory – When Lorenzo and Trianna went away without saying good bye to him.

Best Memory – When he and his friends went dimension jumping and Avenka kissed him.

Proud of – His spellcasting skills.

Embarrassed by – How weak and forgettable he is.

Driving Style – He never really drives anything, because he often lost in thought and forgets to watch the road as he should.

Strong Points – Educated, prestative, curious.

Temperament – He only really gets angry with himself, with others he is just either way, really just sighing away people that piss him off.

Attitude – Raz is always creppily there, lurking in the shadows just tagging along people, hoping someone will aknowledge him and include him, as he forgot how to be sociable.

Weakness – Parasites, Pollution, and Fermented foods.

Fears – Is afraid of failure and afraid of being forgotten again.

Phobias – No real phobias.

Secrets – He doesn't realise he is jealous of Lorenzo for being a lowgrounder and have ascended into royalty, and he really misses Avenka, but doesn't know how to go back to her.

Regrets – Being aimless and stuck in life, falling behind in his social network.

Feels Vulnerable When – On Earth, near insects.

Pet Peeves – He hates people that pull his wings or hair.

Conflicts – Raz wants to move on with his life, but is too deep on his own misery to do so.

Motivation – Finding his motivation in life.

Short Term Goals and Hopes – Traveling every single country on earth, learning about earthly art.

Long Term Goals and Hopes – Becoming a royal warlock.

Sexuality – He doesn't really chose people based on gender, hence, he is pansexual.

Exercise Routine – He goes for a flying course in the Arena tower every three or so days.

Day or Night Person – He barely needs a few hours of sleep, but he does so by midday.

Introvert or Extrovert – Introvert.

Optimist or Pessimist – Pessimist

Music – He likes instrumental music, opera and Darkwave. Hoves the sounds of clarinet and bass.

Books – Raz read many earthly books, nowadays he mixes many of the histories, but he really liked Romeo and Juliet.

Magazines – He has no use for those.

Foods – Secretly obsessed with sugar, he really likes sun dried meat and chinese yakisoba.

Drinks – He likes black tea, and matte tea with cinnamon.

Animals – He likes earth's turtles, they're so less sassy and much more humble. 

Social Issues – Is too focused on his friend's loss to welcome new friends.

Favorite Saying – "Moonlight shall reveal my true path." -D

Color – Loves Red above all colors, doesn't wear cold colors much.

Clothing – Often uses weird clothes, capes and shirts in heavy fabrics.

Jewelry – Doesn't really use much jewelry aside from a red pendant where he stores his energy.

Games – Got himself addicted to tetris and pacman.

Websites – He only really has a snapchat, skype and twitter, all of those he barely updates.

TV Shows – He finds human tv really weird and entertaining, but grossed out my human health shows.

Movies – Loved the Phantom of the Opera, still hums some of the songs.

Greatest Want –Wants to move on, and wants a Ruby to practice energy control.

Greatest Need – New friends, people who will help him think.

Actual Residence  – Still lives in his house in Noreply, but often comes to spend the day in Housevoid.

Household furnishings – Raz's furniture are all brown, burgrundy and black, save from greyish floors and the stone floor in his home.

Favorite Possession – A magic interdimensional megaphone Demétrio gave him. Though he has no use for it anymore, he still remembers how the King entrusted him to be the one to call for him if they got in trouble in another dimension.

Most Cherished Possession – His pocket mirror with tiny rubies incrusted on it's cover.

Car – Often rents hovercycles or pays dragons to fly him further than he can go.

Pets – Fyrp, his Dracominion. If it weren't for it's ability to eat fire, Raz might've been set the house on fire several times a week.

Career – He is trying to study unbiased, by himself, to become a royal warlock.

Salary – His money comes from helping lift the curses on another magic apprentices.

Other Income – Not needed.

Dream Career – Wants to join Demétrio's team of warlocks, so he can achieve his true potential as a demon.

Dream Life – He wants to be famous and praised for his ranks, and wants other demons to look up to him as an example of hard work, skills and power.

Love Life – He used to go to the lower grounds of the country to clubs, where him and his friends would get drunk and join crazy orgies, but nothing with real feeling on it.

Sexual Turn Ons – Waxing, scratching, biting, sometimes domination.

Sexual Turn Offs – Exposion, too much talk, grossness.

Hobbies – He liked to scare people in the woods when he was younger, and break glass objects in dumpsters when he used to hang out with Lorenzo, Avenka and the others. He is surprisingly good at making card castles.

Guilty Pleasure – Sugarcubes, scaring peopel on forests, making machines malfunction.

Talents or Skills – Really skilled spellcaster, exceptional at mind powers such as telekinesis and telepathy, can grant smaller curses and blessings.

Intelligence Level – Really inteligent and rational when not emotionally driven.

Greatest Strength – Mind powers

Greatest Weakness – Emotionally unstable.

Health Problems – None.

Biggest Mistakes – Thinking dimension jumping was fun, depending on friend's approval.

Biggest Achievements – His skills, a 3m tall card castle.

Trivia – He met Dahlia and Jade in some woods in Finland, Scared the shit out of them and got scolded by Dahlia. 

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